Lu Su

Lu Su


Lu Su (172 - 217), styled Zijing(子敬), was an advisor for the Kingdom of Wu during the Three Kingdoms era of China. He took control of the military after the death of Zhou Yu. During the Battle of Red Cliffs, Lu Su served as a close advisor to Zhou Yu and a liaison with Liu Bei's forces.

Upon Zhou Yu's death, Lu Su was put in charge of Sun Quan's army and was head advisor until his own death. He was succeeded by Lü Meng. Lu Su felt that it would be beneficial for Wu to maintain diplomatic relations with the neighboring Kingdom of Shu. Zhou Yu considered Zhuge Liang an immense threat and was eager to get rid of him whenever he had the chance. However, Lu Su greatly respected Zhuge Liang and stood up for him in Wu's councils.

In the actual recorded history of the Three Kingdoms era, and in contrast to his unremarkable depiction in the fictionalised novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", Lu Su played a prominent role as advisor and strategist during the Battle of Red Cliffs against the invading armies of the northern warlord Cao Cao in 208. In fact, before Zhuge Liang's famous view of the formation of the Three Kingdoms era, Lu Su foresaw the formation of Three Kingdoms (Cao Family, Sun Family and Liu Biao of Jing Zhou) and a possible Northern and Southern Han (Wei and Wu, divided by the Chang Jiang River).

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