Describing speech

Describing speech

Describing speech is explaining how something is said. e.g. Bob shouted "Ahhh!" Describing speech is a dramatic device in stories or other descriptive text and the use of different words is used to add variation to dialogue and help the reader imagine the speech.


Ways of describing speech

There are a number of different methods for describing speech in the English language

  • Bob shouted "Ahhh!"
  • "Ahhh!" shouted Bob
  • "Ahhh!" shouted Bob at the top of his voice
  • "Ouch!" gasped Bob painfully
  • "Run!" shouted Sally "The dog is after us."


Words that can be used to describe speech

acknowledged, agreed, announced, answered, asked, asserted, articulated, argued, barked, begged, belched, bellowed, boomed, claimed, commented, communicated, complained, conceded, concluded, confirmed, contended, continued, declared, denied, described, drooled, echoed, enquired, exclaimed, explained, expressed, found, gasped, gestured, giggled, granted, grumbled, hinted, hollered, illustrated, implied, informed, insisted, jeered, laughed, maintained, mentioned, mumbled, muttered, narrated, noted, observed, offered, ordered, panted, pleaded, pointed out, puffed, questioned, recounted, refuted, related, reminded, repeated, replied, reported, responded, restated, revealed, sang, screamed, scoffed, shouted, sighed, smiled, sneered, snickered, sniffed, speculated, spewed, sputtered, squeaked, stated, suggested, supposed, told, uttered, voiced, warbled, went, whispered, yelled
said or spoke
All possibly with appropriate adverbs

Relevant adverbs

hurriedly, quietly, loudly, shakily, breathlessly, tiredly, happily, forcefully, strongly, weakly, gruffly, incoherently, inaudibly, clearly.

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