List of Roman villas in England

List of Roman villas in England

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*Aldermaston Wharf
*Basildon, dug by Time Team 2000
*Cox Green


*High Wycombe


*Orton Longueville


*Cranborne Chase, dug by Time Team 2003
*Fifehead Neville
*Hinton St Mary
*Lenthay Green
*Wynford Eagle


*Frocester Court
*Great Witcombe
*Kings Weston
*Spoonley Wood
*Tockington Park
*Turkdean, dug by Time Team 1997 and 1999
*Wadfield Farm
*Waltham field, dug by Time Team 2000
*Withington, dug by Time Team 2005


*Itchen Abbas
*North Warnborough


*Dicket Mead
*Gadebridge Park
*Park Street

Isle of Wight

*Yaverland, dug by Time Team 2001


*Blacklands - The base of the Swale & Thames Archaeological Survey (funded by Swale Borough Council) may be found in a converted redundant oast adjacent to the villa.


*Keal Cotes
*Norton Disney


*Borough Hill, Daventry


*Barton Court Farm
*North Leigh


*Blacklands (dug by Time Team in 2006)
*Combe Down
*Dinnington, dug by Time Team 2002 and 2005
*East Coker
*Low Ham


*Ipswich, dug by Time Team 2003


*Titsey Park
*Walton Heath

ussex (west and east)

*Fishbourne Roman Palace


*Littlecote, in the grounds of Littlecote House
*Netheravon, dug by Time Team 1996
*Tockenham, dug by Time Team, 1994


*Dalton Parlours

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