caption = Screenshot of an AfterStep desktop.
name = AfterStep
developer =
latest_release_version = 2.2.8
latest_release_date = March 17, 2008
operating_system = Unix-like
genre = Window manager
license = GNU General Public License
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In Unix computing, AfterStep is a window manager for the X Window System. The goal of AfterStep's development is to provide for flexibility of desktop configuration, improved aesthetics and efficient use of system resources. AfterStep originally was a variant of FVWM modified to resemble NeXTSTEP, but as the development cycle progressed, it diverged from its FVWM roots.

AfterStep includes several modules such as:

*Pager - a visual tool for managing and cycling between multiple desktops

*WinList - a simple Taskbar displaying active applications

*Wharf - docking tool that manages Applets/Dockapps and launches application.

AfterStep also supports virtual screens, and relies on a set of text-based configuration files for customizing its appearance.

AfterStep is maintained by a small community of developers with Sasha Vasko serving as project manager.

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