MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics

Brief history

Although lectures in mathematics have been delivered since Moscow State University was founded in 1755, the separate mathematical and physical department was founded only in 1804. The Mathematics and Mechanics Department was founded on May the 1st 1933 and comprised mathematics, mechanics and astronomy departments (the latter passed to the Physics Department in 1956). An extensive development of the department began after the World War II. In 1953 the department moved to the new building on the Sparrow Hills and the current division in mathematics and mechanics branches was settled. In 1970 the Department of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics broke off the department due to the extensive research in computer science.

Current state

Today the Mathematics and Mechanics Department comprises 25 chairs (16 in the mathematical and 9 in the mechanics branch) and 14 research laboratories. Around 350 professors, assistant professors and leading researchers work at the department, some of them working also in different institutions of Russian Academy of Sciences. Around 2000 students and 450 postgraduates study at the department getting professions “Mathematics. Applied mathematics” and “Mechanics. Applied mathematics”. The education lasts 5 years and students choose their chair at 3rd year.


*Number theoryB.N.Delaunay, A.I.Khinchin , L.G.Shnirelman, A.O.Gelfond

*AlgebraB.N.Delaunay, O.U.Schmidt, A.G.Kurosh

*Topology – P.S.Alexandrov, A.N.Tychonoff, L.S.Pontryagin

*Real analysisD.E.Menshov, A.I.Khinchin, N.K.Bari, A.N.Kolmogorov

*Complex analysisI.I.Privalov, M.A.Lavrentiev, A.O.Gelfond, M.V.Keldysh

*Ordinary differential equationsV.V.Golubev, V.V.Stepanov, V.V.Nemitski, V.I.Arnold

*Partial differential equationsI.G.Petrovsky, S.L.Sobolev

*Calculus of variationsL.A.Lusternik, L.G.Shnirelman

*Functional analysisA.N.Kolmogorov, I.M.Gelfand

*Probability theory – A.I.Khinchin, A.N.Kolmogorov

*Differential geometryV.F.Kagan, S.P.Finikov, P.K.Raschevski

*Theoretical Mechanics and Mechatronics - S.A.Chaplygin, D.E.Okhotsimsky, V.V.Rumyantsev

*Aero- and hydrodynamicsS.A.Chaplygin, L.I.Sedov

*Wave theoryA.I.Nekrasov, L.N.Sretenski

*Boundary layer theory, viscous fluids, external ballisticsN.A.Slezkin

*Gyroscope theoryB.V.Bulgakov

*Elasticity theoryL.S.Lebenzon

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* [ Official website of the department (in Russian)]

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