Jowzjan Province

Jowzjan Province

country = Afghanistan

name = Jowzjan
native_name = جوزجان

map_caption = Map of Afghanistan with Jowzjan highlighted
capital = Sheberghan
capital_lat_d = 36.75
capital_long_d = 66.00
population_as_of = 2002
population = 441,000
population_density =
area = 11798
timezone = UTC+4:30
free_type = Main languages
free = Uzbek Persian

Jowzjān or Jōzjān (PerB|جوزجان) is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. It is in the north of the country. Its capital is Sheberghan.

On May 28, 2007, a clash between protestors and police in Sheberghan resulted in the death of six protestors, extensive property damage to government buildings and injuries to over thirty protestors and policemen. [] The fatal protest was part of a power clash between the northern general and politician Rashid Dostum and other politicians in the province, particularly the Governor Joma Khan Hamdard who is widely unliked among local population and MP Ahmad Khan, who had just survived an assassination attempt a few days previous that he blamed on Dostum. [] []


The current Governor of the province is Joma Khan Hamdard.


The population is mostly Uzbek and Turkmen.


*Aqcha District
*Darzab District
*Fayzabad District
*Khamyab District
*Khwaja du koh District
*Mardyan District
*Mingajik District
*Qarqin District
*Shibirghan District

Notable people

* Abu Ubaid al-Juzjani, the famous pupil of Avicenna, was from Jōzjān.

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