Federal Occupational Health

Federal Occupational Health

Federl Occupational Health (or FOH) is a service unit within the United States Department of Health and Human Services Program Support Center and a component of the United States Public Health Service. It provides for the occupational health of 2.9 million United States Government employees.

FOH was created in 1946 by an amendment to the Public Health Service Act and provides services exclusively to Federal agencies and the Department of Defense. FOH is currently the largest provider of Clinical, Wellness/Fitness, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Work/Life, and Environmental Health and Safety services to the Federal Government.

FOH has 300 Health Centers located throughout the United States and a network of over 700 private-provider physicians and nurses through which it provides clinical services, including emergency response, physical exams, immunizations, vision and health screenings, and health risk appraisals. It also maintains more than 200 counseling offices in Federal buildings as well as a network of affiliate counselors in approximately 11,000 locations across the country and overseas.

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* [http://www.foh.dhhs.gov/ Federal Occupational Health]
* [http://www.foh.dhhs.gov/Public/WhoWeAre/whoweare.asp FOH - Who We Are]

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