List of CUA alumni

List of CUA alumni

The following is a list of notable CUA alumni. The Catholic University of America is the national university of Roman Catholic Church in the United States and is located in Washington, DC.

There are several names that could appear on this list twice, but will only appear in the area for which they are best known. For example, several in the Arts category could appear in more than one subcategory. Others could appear in several categories, such as Tarek Saab, who earned a B.E.E. but is best known as a contestant on NBC's The Apprentice and so appears in the Business category.



*Norma Candal, actress and comedian
*Henry Gibson, cast member of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In
*John Carroll Lynch, actor, Drew Carey's brother on "The Drew Carey Show
*Ed McMahon, B.A. 1949, announcer on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" and host of "Star Search"
*Colleen Zenk Pinter, Emmy award winning actress best known for her role on As The World Turns


*Harolyn M. Blackwell, B.M. 1977, soprano, Metropolitan Opera
*Walter Bobbie, dancer, choreographer, director and actor
*Philip Bosco, B.A. 1957, Tony Award winning actor
*Fabiana Bravo, acclaimed Argentine operatic soprano
*Mart Crowley, playwright
*Jason Miller, playwright
*Joe Plummer, B.A. 1954, actor and playwright
*Gerome Ragni, musical writer and actor
*Frances Sternhagen, Broadway, film and television actress
*Paula Vogel, B.A. 1974, Pulitzer Prize winning playwright


*Pat Carroll, B.A. 1989, actress, voice of Ursula in Disney’s "The Little Mermaid"
*Saeed Jaffrey, Indian actor and Fulbright scholar
*Laurence Luckinbill, M.F.A. 1958, Emmy award winning producer, writer, actor
*David L. Paterson, B.A., 1989, producer and screenwriter of Disney’s Bridge to Terabithia
*Chris Sarandon, B.A., actor
*Susan Sarandon, B.A. 1968, Academy Award winning actress
*John Slattery, B.F.A. 1984, actor
*Jon Voight, B.A. 1960, Academy Award winning actor.


*Mark Adamo, B.M., 1990, American Composer
*Joseph Fitzmartin, composer, conductor and arranger
*Elizabeth Hand, B.A., author
*John Harrington, B.A. 1990, photographer, author
*Nick Lowe, Comic book editor
*Stephen Lynch, musician and comedian
*Father Norman O'Connor (1921-2003), priest, jazz music aficionado, writer, radio and TV show host
*Martin Puryear, B.A. 1963, sculptor
*John Vachon, photographer

Public service and politics


*Charlene Barshefsky, J.D.1975, Ambassador, United States Trade Representative under Bill Clinton.
*Robert Patrick Casey, Jr., J.D. 1988, U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania.
*Edward W. Gillespie, B.A. 1983, former Chairman of the Republican National Committee
*Camille Gravel, giant in Louisiana and national Democratic politics for more than six decades
*Patrick Guerriero, B.A. 1990, executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans
*Luis Guinot, former United States Ambassador to Costa Rica
*Thomas R. Harkin, J.D. 1972, U.S. Senator from Iowa
*John P. Hart, president and CEO of the American Democracy Institute
*Terence R. McAuliffe, B.A. 1979, former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee
*Thomas P. Melady, Ph.D. 1955, former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, Burundi, and Uganda
*Jack Miller, United States Senator from Iowa
*Richard G. Renzi, J.D. 2002, U.S. Congressman from Arizona


*Bob Duckworth, B.A., Clerk of the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Maryland
*Reed Gusciora, B.A., New Jersey General Assemblyman
*Mitchell J. Landrieu, B.A. 1982, Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana. He was a candidate for the Mayor of New Orleans in the 1993 and 2006 election seasons.
*Jim McGreevey, former Governor of New Jersey. ATTENDED BRIEFLY- NOT AN ALUMNUS [Halbfinger, David M. [ "Man in the News; Flexibility in Victory; James Edward McGreevey"] , "The New York Times", November 7, 2001. Accessed December 4, 2007. "He spent three semesters at Catholic University in Washington before transferring to Columbia University, where he majored in political science and graduated in 1978."]
*Daniel O'Donnell, New York State Assembly Member
*Martin O'Malley, B.A. 1985, former Mayor of Baltimore and current Governor of Maryland
*Brian E. Rumpf, B.A., New Jersey General Assemblyman


*Joseph Alioto, 1940, mayor of San Francisco
*Kathleen Rice, B.A. 1987, District Attorney of Nassau County, New York
*Daniel G. Birmingham, B.A 1990, J.D. 1995, County Legislator of Putnam County, New York


*John P. Hart, President, American Democracy Institute
*Thomasina Jordan, Ed. D, American Indian activist
*Hani Miletski, Israeli Senior Representative of the Defense Mission to the U.S. for Strategic Defense Initiative Programs
*Tom G. Palmer, M.A., Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute and director of the Institute's educational division
*Timothy Shriver, M.A. 1989, CEO of the Special Olympics
*James Chu-yu Soong, M.S. 1971, Taiwanese politician and founder of the People First Party


*Maureen B. Dowd, B.A. 1973, columnist for "The New York Times"
*Mary Alice Dwyer-Dobbin, M.F.A. 1967, CEO, Procter & Gamble Productions (producers of "As the World Turns" and "Guiding Light")
*Julie Nixon Eisenhower, M.A. 1972, author
*Alfred Gough, B.A. 1989, Executive Producer of WB’s "Smallville", co-wrote screenplay for "Spider-Man 2"
*John Harrington (photographer, author)
*Michael J. Hurd, M.A. 1985, radio commentator
*Kathryn Jean Lopez, B.A. 1997, Web Editor, National Review
*Scott P. Richert, M.A. 1992, Executive Editor, ""
*Rosanna Scotto, B.F.A. 1980, Co-Anchor of FOX-5 News (New York)
*Brian Williams, Anchor, NBC Nightly News, attended briefly but did not graduate


*Sanford Berman, M.S. 1961, radical librarian
*Mary Daly, M.A., radical feminist theologian and advocate of parthenogenesis
*Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., M.A. 1983, President, Villanova University
*Andrew Gonzalez, M.A., President of De La Salle University
*Theodore Hesburgh, CSC, S.T.D. 1945, President Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame
*Kenneth Ozmon, M.A. 1963, President of Mount Allison University
*Judith C. Russell, M.L.S. Current Dean of the University of Florida Library System
*Michael Scanlan, Chancellor of the Franciscan University of Steubenville
*Brian J. Shanley, O.P., Ph. L. 1985, President, Providence College, RI
*Gary Vena, M.A., Professor of English and Drama at Manhattan College
*Spiro Zavos, M.A. 1967, Australasian] historian, journalist and writer


*Kathleen Abernathy, J.D. 1983, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission
*Alice S. Fisher, J.D. Assistant Attorney General and head, United States Department of Justice Criminal Division
*Arthur J. Gajarsa, M.A. 1964, Circuit Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
*Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, B.A. 1965, J.D. 1968, Judge, United States District Court for the District of Columbia and presiding judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
*John T. Noonan, Jr., M.A. 1948, Ph.D. 1951, Senior Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
*Peggy Quince, J.D. 1975, Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court and first African-American woman to sit on that bench

cience and engineering

*Hugh Everett, 1953, physicist who first proposed the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics
*Michael Griffin, NASA Administrator
*Charles Kaman, B.A. 1940, aviation pioneer and founder of Kaman Aircraft
*Rev. Julius Nieuwland, C.S.C., Ph.D. 1904, discoverer of synthetic rubber.
*Joseph Weber, Ph.D. 1951, developed the first gravitational wave detectors and first suggested the use of laser interferometry in the field


*Edward M. Liddy, B.A. 1968, CEO of Allstate Insurance
*Tarek Saab, B.E.E. 2001, Contestant on the 5th season of NBC's The Apprentice
*Joseph A. Unanue, B.M.E. 1950, CEO of Goya Foods



*Daniel DiNardo, B.A., M.A., Archbishop of Galveston-Houston
*Francis George, M.A. 1966, Archbishop of Chicago
*Lubomyr Husar, Ukrainian Greek Major Archbishop of Kiev and Halych.
*James Hickey, S.T.L. 1946, retired Archbishop of Washington
*Roger Mahony, M.S.W. 1964, Archbishop of Los Angeles
*Theodore McCarrick, Ph.D. 1963, former Archbishop of Washington
*Sean O'Malley, O.F.M.Cap., Ph.D. 1978, Archbishop of Boston
*Justin Rigali, S.T.B. 1961, Archbishop of Philadelphia
*Jan Pieter Schotte, Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops and President of the Office of Labor of the Apostolic See


*Raymond Leo Burke, Archbishop of Saint Louis
*Timothy Dolan, Ph. D, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee
*Pierre DuMaine, D.Ed 1961, Bishop of San Jose
*Francis Joseph Gossman, Ph. D 1959, Bishop of Raleigh
*Francis J. Haas, Bishop of Roman Catholic Diocese of Grand Rapids, 1943-1953
*Oscar Hugh Lipscomb, Ph.D. 1963, Archbishop of Mobile, Alabama
*John Bosco Manat Chuabsamai, M.A. 1977, Bishop of Ratchaburi, Thailand
*Bennett J. Sims, sixth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta
*Fulton J. Sheen (deceased), J.C.B. 1920, host of "Life is Worth Living"
*Donald William Wuerl, M.Div 1963, Archbishop of Washington
*Aloysius John Wycislo, Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin
*Gabino Zavala, J.C.L., Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles
*Stefan Soroka, B.S.T 1982, D.S.W 1985, Metropolitan Archbishop of the [Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church] in the United States


*Thomas Berry, Ph. D, cultural historian and ecotheologian
*Francis P. Duffy, Ph. D, War Hero and namesake of Time Square's Duffy Square
*Patrick Fahey, OSA, Prior Provincial of the Australian Province of the Order of St Augustine
*Charles Kekumano, Ph. D.


*Brian Cashman, B.A. 1989, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, New York Yankees
*John Douglas, 1995, shortstop, Toronto Blue Jays
*Wally Pipp, A.B. 1914, first base, New York Yankees


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