Chairman of the State Duma

Chairman of the State Duma

The Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (lang-rus Председатель Государственной Думы Федерального собрания Российской Федерации), also called Speaker (спикер), is the presiding officer of the lower house of the Russian parliament. His responsibilities include the overseeing the day-to-day business of the State Duma, presiding and maintaining order at the regular sessions of the parliament. The Speaker also chairs the Council of the Duma which includes representatives from all the parliamentary parties and determines the legislative agenda.

The Speaker of the Duma may intervene and express his views but is supposed to be unbiased in his activities at the regular sessions of the parliament.

Since January 1995, the speaker of the State Duma is also a member of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.


Speakers of the State Duma, 1994-

# Name Picture Took office Left office Political Party Term
1 Ivan Rybkin Replace this image male.svg January 14, 1994 January 17, 1996 Agrarian Party of Russia 1
2 Gennadiy Seleznyov Gennady Seleznyov.jpg January 17, 1996 January 18, 2000 Communist Party of Russian Federation
(prior June 4, 2002)
January 18, 2000 December 29, 2003 3
Non-partisan / Independent
(June 4, 2002 - October 29, 2002)
Non-partisan / Party of Russia's Rebirth
(since October 29, 2002)
3 Boris Gryzlov Gryzlov cropped.JPG December 29, 2003 December 24, 2007 United Russia 4
December 24, 2007 Incumbent 5

The Fathers of the house who started the new legislatures

Traditionally when a new Russian parliament is formed the eldest deputy opens and leads the first session until a chairman or a speaker is elected. In the history of the post-Soviet Dumas these were

Year Name Born
1994 Georgy Lukawa 1924
1996 Grigory Galaziy 1925
2000 Yegor Ligachev 1920
2003 Valentin Varennikov 1923[1]
2007 Zhores Alferov 1930[2]

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