Bar Kokhba

Bar Kokhba

Bar Kokhba ( _he. בר כוכבא, Son of Kokhba) (also Bar Kochba, Bar Kochva, Bar Cochva) is a name of Simon bar Kokhba, the leader of the Bar Kokhba's revolt, the second (sometimes counted as the third) of the Jewish-Roman Wars.

Bar Kokhba may also refer to:
*Bar Kokhba (album) (1994/1996) by John Zorn
*Bar Kokhba (play) (1883/1885) by Abraham Goldfaden
*A name in the title of a book "The Bar Kokhba Syndrome: Risk and Realism in International Relations" (1982) by Yehoshafat Harkabi
*TuS Bar Kochba Nürnberg, a football club in Germany.

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