Chimo Bayo

Chimo Bayo

Chimo Bayo (Joaquín Bayo) was born in Valencia on 25 October 1961 and is a Spanish dance act from the eighties and nineties. A one hit wonder mostly known for their hit "Así me gusta a mí (X-ta sí, X-ta no)" which was a major hit in Spain, Greece and South America as well as reaching number one in Japan, Israel and elsewhere.

He was also famous for DJing first at Arsenal, a club in Oliva, Valencia, and then in El templo in Cullera, further up the coast.

Chimo Bayo hails from Valencia, Spain. He was attempting to represent Spain in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with his song about the Valencia fallas, Fiesta del fuego, but was disqualified at the last minute when it was discovered the song had been heard in clubs in Valencia prior to the 1 October deadline.[1] In order to thank his fans for their support, Chimo Bayo is going to auction his head-mounted flashlights in a spanish online auction and shopping website. [2] The money will be invested in the production of his new album "Revolución" which will be on sale this summer. The auction's winners will appear on the record credits as "Revolución"'s producers.


Discography (Singles)

  • Química
  • Así me gusta a mí (Xta-Sí, Xta-No)
  • Bombas
  • La Tía Enriqueta


  • La coctelera [1]


  • Chimo Bayo wore head-mounted flashlights in his shows since 1988 [2], and in an interview in MTV Spain in 2006 [3] (minute 1:33) claimed that English duo Orbital started using the same flashlights after him.

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