Gorontalo (province)

Gorontalo (province)

Infobox Provinces of Indonesia
name = Provinsi Gorontalo
Province of Gorontalo
motto =Duluo Limo Lo Pohalaa
population_ref= [cite press release |publisher=Statistics Indonesia |url=http://www.bps.go.id/profile/gorontalo.shtml| title=Gorontalo Profile |accessdate=2007-08-27]
area_in_km2= 12215.44
ethnicity = Gorontalonese
religion =Predominantly Muslim
language =Gorontalo
governor= Fadel Muhammad, Golkar
site= [http://www.gorontaloprov.go.id gorontaloprov.go.id]

Gorontalo is a province of Indonesia on the northern part of Sulawesi island. Gorontalo province was established in December 2000 after splitting from North Sulawesi province.Citation| author=Government of Indonesia| url=http://www.legalitas.org/incl-php/buka.php?d=2000+0&f=uu38-2000.pdf |title=Establishment of Gorontalo Province |edition=in Indonesian |id=UU No. 38/2000 |date=22 December 2000 | accessdate=2007-08-27 |publisher=Indonesia Ministry of Law and Justice - www.legalitas.org] The capital is the city with the same name, Gorontalo.


There are not many people know about the origin of the name "Gorontalo". A lot of opinons came from historians or older people.cite web |url=http://gorontalo.bps.go.id/petagto.php| accessdate=2008-10-10| title=The History of Province of Gorontalo|language=Indonesian |work=Sejarah Provinsi Gorontalo|publisher=Statistics Bureau of Province of Gorontalo] :

* derives from "Hulontalangio", a name of a tribe that resided in the area
* derives from "Hua Lolontalango", which means "cavemen who used to walk back and forth"
* derives from "Hulutalangi", which means "nobler"
* derives from "Huluo Lo Tola", which means "a place where snakehead fish breed"
* derives from "Pongolatalo" or "Pohulatalo", which means: "a waiting place"
* derives fron "Gunung Telu", which means "three mountains"
* derives from "Hunto", which means "a place that is always flowed by water"


Gorontalo province lies on the northern Sulawesi arm, known as the Minahassa Peninsula. The province has an elongated shape area , stretching from west to east almost horizontally on a map, with the total area of km2 to mi2|12215.44|abbr=yes|precision=2.cite web |url=http://www.gorontaloprov.go.id/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=823&Itemid=51| accessdate=2007-08-27| title=Geographical Condition |language=Indonesian |work=Gorontalo ~ Provinsi Agropolitan |publisher=Provincial Government of Gorontal] To the north and the south of the province are Sulawesi Sea and Gulf of Tomini, respectively. Prior 2000, Gorontalo province was part of North Sulawesi province on the eastern border. The western border of the province is Central Sulawesi province.

Topography of the province is relatively low (0—40o), with the elevation ranges between 0—m to ft|2400|abbr=yes|precision=2 above the sea level. Its coastline length is more than km to mi|590|abbr=yes|precision=2. Counting the Exclusive Economic Zone to the north where Philippines is at the border, the total sea area of the province is more than km2 to mi2|50500|abbr=yes|precision=2. There are some small islands around the north and the south of the province, 67 of which have been identification and are named.



In 1525, three small rock forts were built overlooking the waters of Lake Limboto with Portuguese assistance. Still in place today, the Fort Otonaha complex provides wonderful views.

The Spanish also entered the area in limited numbers via the Philippines during the mid-1500s. They introduced corn, tomatoes, chilli peppers, horses, and the afternoon siesta to Gorontalo, all of which are an integral part life today.

The Dutch under the aegis of the United East India Company (VOC) worked to wrest control of the lucrative spice trade away from the Sultanate of Ternate and push out all other European competitors. Gradually, the Dutch gained political control here and ended the power of the local kings.

Independence 1942-1945

The people of Gorontalo are very proud of the fact that they actually achieved independence from Dutch rule in 1942 - three years before the rest of Indonesia. This was partly through the efforts of the guerrilla/freedom fighter and local hero Nani Wartabone, who forced out the occupying Japanese during World War II.

Since the city escaped Allied bombing during the war, a number of Dutch-era buildings are still standing. Although many are in poor repair, Gorontalo City has a distinctive colonial appearance.

Post Independence of Indonesia

After Indonesia proclaimed its Independence, Gorontalo became part of North Sulawesi province

Become Province

Gorontalo secede from North Sulawesi province in 2000







The governor and vice-governor, who are elected directly by the people, head the provincial administration. The province is divided into five regencies ( _id. kabupaten) and only one city ( _id. kota). When it was established in 2000, there were only two regencies and one city in the province. Several splitting of regencies occurred in 2003 and 2007, and as of 2007, the list of regencies and cities in Gorontalo province is given in the table below.

Note: * A city and also the provincial capital.


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