The Batiniyya (or "Batini"') was an esoteric Ismaili sect of Shi'i Islam.

Batiniyya is a somewhat pejorative term to refer to those groups, such as Alevism, Ismailism, and often Sufism which distinguish between an inner, esoteric level of meaning "Batini" in the Qur'an, in addition to the outer, exoteric level of meaning "Zahiri". "Batini ta’wil" is the name given to the exegesis ("ta'wil") of the esoteric knowledge which rests with the Imam, or with the Shaykh/Pir in Sufism.

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* Esoteric interpretation of the Qur'an
* Qarmatians
* Bektashi, another group focusing on "batin" and "zahir"
* Alevism
* Sufism
* Druze

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* [ Glossary of Ismaili terms] , at The Institute of Ismaili Studies
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* [ Citicism of the Batinis] , based on the Qur'an

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