Attack class patrol boat

Attack class patrol boat

The "Attack" class patrol boats were small coastal defence vessels built for the Royal Australian Navy and operated between 1967 and 1985. Many were eventually donated to the defence forces of Pacific nations.

Twenty boats were ordered by the Department of Defence in 1965 at a cost of around $AU800,000 each from two Queensland shipyards, Evans Deakin in Brisbane and Walkers in Maryborough.

The inclusion of the "Attack" class in the RAN fleet led to a second version of the ship's badge design to be created, as it was not deemed appropriate for such small vessels to use the full-size badge.Vic Cassells (2000). "The Capital Ships", pg 195] The badge used by the patrol boats was scaled down from 755 mm by 620 mm to 440 mm by 365 mm, with no other alterations.Vic Cassells (2000). "The Capital Ships", pg 195]

The Attack class was replaced in RAN service by the larger and more capable Fremantle class patrol boats. In 1975, "Aitape", "Ladava", " Lae", "Mandang", and "Samarai" were transferred to the Papua New Guinea defence force.Tom Frame, 2004, "No Pleasure Cruise", p 261] "Acute", "Archer", "Assail", "Attack", "Bandolier", "Barricade", and "Bombard" were transferred to the Indonesian Navy between 1974 and 1985, where they are still in service.

In fiction

Two Attack class boats represented the fictional HMAS "Ambush" in the first series of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV series "Patrol Boat".


"Acute", "Archer", "Assail", "Attack", "Bandolier", "Barricade", and "Bombard" are currently in service with the Indonesian Navy, under new names.

"Arrow" was destroyed in Darwin on 25 December 1974 during Cyclone Tracy.

"Advance" is a (fully operational) museum ship at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney. "Aitape" was sunk as a dive wreck off Port Moresby in 1995. "Ardent" is preserved as a memorial in Darwin. "Bayonet" was scuttled in Bass Strait in 1999 and has been successfully dived. "Adroit" paid off on 28 March 1992 and was sunk as a target by A-4 Skyhawk aircraft of the Royal New Zealand Air Force west of Rottnest Island on 8 August 1994.



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