Actinic conjunctivitis

Actinic conjunctivitis

Actinic conjunctivitis is an eye condition contracted from prolonged exposure to Actinic (ultraviolet) rays. Symptoms are redness and swelling of the eyes. Most often the condition is caused by prolonged exposure to Klieg lights, therapeutic lamps, and acetylene torches. Other names for the condition include Klieg Conjunctivitis, eyeburn, arc-flash, welders conjunctivitis, flash keratoconjunctivitis, actinic ray, and ultraviolet ray ophthalmia. [Cite web
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Actinic conjunctivitis is often a condition reported by people who claim to have viewed a UFO. [Cite web
title=The Temporal Doorway - Eye and Skin Irritation in UFO Reports
] In particular the condition is mentioned under the name of Klieg Conjunctivitis in association with the mothman case in Point Pleasant in John A. Keel's book "The Mothman Prophecies".


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