10th century BC

10th century BC

The 10th century BC started the first day of 1000 BC and ended the last day of 901 BC.


This period followed the Bronze Age collapse in the Near East, and the century saw the Early Iron Age take hold in the Near East. The Greek Dark Ages which had come about in 1200 BC continued. The Neo-Assyrian Empire is established towards the end of the century. In Iron Age India, the Vedic period is ongoing. In China, the Zhou Dynasty is in power. The European Bronze Age is ongoing (Urnfield culture).


*1000 BCIndiaIron Age of India. Iron Age kingdoms rule India — Panchala, Kuru, Kosala, Videha.
*993 BC — Amenemope succeeds Psusennes I as king of Egypt.
*993 BC — Archippus, King of Athens dies after a reign of 19 years and is succeeded by his son Thersippus.
*984 BCOsorkon the Elder succeeds Amenemope as king of Egypt.
*982 BC — The end of first period (1197 BC — 982 BC) by Sau Yung's concept of the I Ching and history.
*978 BCSiamun succeeds Osorkon the Elder as king of Egypt.
*967 BCSolomon becomes king of the Israelites.
*967 BC — Tiglath-Pileser II becomes King of Assyria.
*965 BCDavid, king of the ancient Israelites, died.
*962 BCSolomon becomes king of Israel, following the death of his father, King David. (traditional date)
*959 BCPsusennes II succeeds Siamun as king of Egypt.
*952 BCThersippus, King of Athens dies after a reign of 41 years and is succeeded by his son Phorbas.
*947 BC — Death of King Mo of Zhou, King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
*946 BCKing Gong of Zhou becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
*945 BCEgypt: Psusennes III dies, the last king of the Twenty-first Dynasty. Shoshenq I succeeds him, the founder of the Twenty-second Dynasty.
*935 BC — Death of King Gong of Zhou, King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
*935 BC — Death of Tiglath-Pileser II king of Assyria.
*934 BCKing Yi of Zhou becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
*925 BCSolomon, king of the ancient Israelites, died.
*c. 925 BC — Partition of ancient Israel into the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel.
*924 BCOsorkon I succeeds his father Shoshenq I as king of Egypt.
*922 BCPhorbas, King of Athens, dies after a reign of 30 years and is succeeded by his son Megacles.
*912 BCAdad-nirari II succeeds his father Ashur-Dan II as king of Assyria.
*911 BCAbijah, king of Judah, dies.
*910 BC — Death of King Yi of Zhou, King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
*909 BCKing Xiao of Zhou becomes King of the Zhou Dynasty of China.
*909 BC — Jeroboam, the first king of the northern Hebrew kingdom of Israel, dies and is succeeded by his son Nadab.
*900s BCIndiaVedic IndiaYajnavalkya writes the Shatapatha Brahmana, in which he describes the motions of the sun and the moon.
*c. 900 BC — the Villanovan culture emerges in northern Italy.
*900 BC — Kingdom of Kush.
*Late 10th century BC — Centaur, from Lefkandi, Euboea is made. It is now at Archaeological Museum, Eretria, Greece.
*Foundation of Sparta.
*The kingdom of Ethiopia is founded by Menelik I, son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. (according to legend)
*First extant evidence of written Aramaic language.
*The earliest known settlement in Plymouth, England dates back to this era.
*Creation of ceremonial golden hats in Central Europe.

ignificant persons

* Saul, king of the ancient Israelites
* David, king of the ancient Israelites (1006 BC965 BC)
* Solomon, king of the ancient Israelites (965 BC925 BC)
* Zoroaster, ancient Iranian prophet (approximate date, estimates range from 1000 BC to 600 BC)

Decades and years

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