Assault on Weapon Plus

Assault on Weapon Plus

Infobox comics story arc
title = Assault on Weapon Plus

caption = Cover to trade paperback
publisher = Marvel Comics
date = August - October 2003
titles = "New X-Men" #142-145
main_char_team = List of X-Men members
writers = Grant Morrison
artists =
pencillers = Phil Jimenez
Chris Bachalo
inkers = Tim Townsend
Andy Lanning
letterers = Chris Eliopoulos
Rus Wooton
colorists = Chris Chuckry
Dave McCaig
TPB = Assault on Weapon Plus
ISBN = 0-7851-1119-0
cat = X-Men
sortkey = PAGENAME

Assault on Weapon Plus is the title of a four-part storyline which ran through "New X-Men" #142 - #145 (September - December, 2003). It was written by Grant Morrison and pencilled by Chris Bachalo.

The storyline involved Wolverine, Cyclops and Fantomex taking on the mysterious and sinister Weapon Plus program.


In the course of their assault they learn that the Weapon Plus organisation has been ultimately responsible for the original installment of the Weapon X Program as well as other government super-human programs such as (the program which created the original Captain America, a.k.a. "Weapon I"). These revelations are controversial and it is unclear if they remain in-continuity. Fact|date=September 2007

The story starts by catching up with Cyclops, who has recently left the X-Men after his psychic affair with Emma Frost was exposed. Wolverine finds him drinking at the Hellfire Club, contemplating quitting the X-Men. Incidentally, Sabretooth is also dining at the facility. Wolverine is aggressive toward Sabertooth, but is unable to escalate an argument into a conflict because it is against the rules of the Hellfire Club for patrons to fight within the building. Fantomex arrives and convinces both Cyclops and Wolverine to join him in breaking into the Weapon Plus installation floating in orbit around the Earth.

On entering the complex, the find the station to be deserted. Fantomex explains in detail the agenda of the Weapon Plus program, detailing the list of candidates used for each of the Weapons. Wolverine uses the computer systems to access his personal file. He indicates that the files contain detailed information about his life before and during the Weapon Plus program. After setting a series of charges to detonate the station, Cyclops and Fantomex prepare to leave the facility. The station explodes with Wolverine inside, and the story ends with a cliffhanger regarding whether Wolverine survived the explosion.

Collected editions

The trade paperback "New X-Men Vol.5: Assault on Weapon Plus" (ISBN 0-7851-1119-0) reprinted the story along with the previous "Murder at the Mansion" storyline from "New X-Men" #139 -141 (July - August 2003).

In addition all of Morrison's run has been collected in:

*"New X-Men Omnibus" (collects "New X-Men" #114-154 and Annual 2001, 992 pages, December 2006 ISBN 0-7851-2326-1)


*comicbookdb|type=storyarc|id=152|title=Assault on Weapon Plus

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