Infiltration Unit Zeta

Infiltration Unit Zeta

Infiltration Unit Zeta is a fictional character, the main character of the show "The Zeta Project". He made his first appearance on the "Batman Beyond" episode "Zeta." He is a synthoid designed by the government to destroy targeted individuals. He runs away from the NSA, and meets Ro Rowen, a 15 year old run away who convinces him to search for his creator, Dr. Selig. According to Ro, the name Zeta is "just too creepy," so he is nicknamed Zee. Zee seems to be Zeta's preferred name, as he commonly uses the alias Zee Smith. Zeta robots have also been seen on the "Justice League" tv series, on episodes such as "Fearful Symmetry", and "Secret Society." The Justice League uses them as training robots.



*Made of titanium alloy
*Laser cutter in one arm
*Buzz saw in both arms
*Hologram Projector
*Voice imitator
*Retractable claws
*Can elongate arms and legs
*Amplified sight and hearing
*Scanner- can check environment conditions
*Originally equipped with plasma cannon and grenade launcher, but got rid of them when he left the NSA
*Can turn feet into paddles for swimming
*Can repair himself
*At least 6 pistols hidden in chest, but were disposed of when he left NSA.
*Smells Through Senors on the top of his head.
*Has a camera in his fingers which enables him to peek around corners.


Zeta is a synthoid, meaning a robot with the ability to appear human. He comes with a hologram projector and a voice imitator, which can allow him to look and sound like anyone he wants, extending to appearances of people shorter than his actual form. However, he generally remains in the form Ro designed for him: a young man with dark hair, blue eyes, and a navy blue trench coat. This is known as the Zee Smith form. However, he occasionally adopts the little Zee form, when trying to blend in with children or appear to be Ro's brother. He can also create forms that encompass more than one person, or create non-human forms. There is some debate about the consistency of the hologram; in one episode, Agent West is able to identify him as a synthoid by poking people to see if they are solid, but in other episodes he touches people without them knowing he is made of metal. His holograms can extend onto anyone or anything; this is often helpful as it enables him to also disguise Ro as well.


*Programmed with many science facts
*Can calculate complicated equations in his mind
*Programmed with complete works of Shakespeare
*Conscience module (not in the NSA's data files about him, and the reason he goes "rogue")
*Can replay memories like a video
*Can forge credit transfers; has effectively unlimited money
*Has discovered how to manipulate his memory core, to keep his memories and data even when his computer brain is being reformatted
* Initially he was able to be controlled with a remote created by Buckie, to prevent this Buckie installed a disruptor.
*Can Recall and Replay Audio.


Although sentient, Zeta is not human, and this gives him no lack of trouble. He lacks a basic understanding of human customs, thoughts, and emotions that tends to leave him confused. Zeta understands friendship, compassion, trust, and kindness as well or better than humans do, but he is lost at humor, relationships, fun, or revenge. Zeta does seem to feel emotions: he can visibly be seen as sad, happy, angry, and especially confused. However, he generally appears quiet and thoughtful. Zeta is very quick to trust and to make friends, and he refuses to harm even his enemies. His view on fighting is always passive: he won't fight unless he absolutely has to, and even then he will never fight to kill or harm more than necessary. He is extremely loyal to his friends, and always quick to forgive. He is very naive, to the point where he gets himself in trouble. Zeta believes the best about everyone, although he is not an optimist; at times he can be nearly pessimistic about his own fortunes. Zeta is generally fascinated with life, keeping himself entertained for hours by watching cockroaches, and he finds beauty in everything, even things Ro scoffs at. He does, however, have a skeptical side, and has a tendency to be very blunt. Zeta has an intelligence and thoughtfulness that seems very old, but at times he acts like a small child.


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