HMS Triumph

HMS Triumph

Ten ships of the Royal Navy have been named HMS "Triumph". Another was planned, but renamed before being launched:

*HMS|Triumph|1562|6 was a 68-gun galleon built in 1561. She was rebuilt in 1596, and sold in 1618.
*HMS|Triumph|1623|6 was a 44-gun ship launched in 1623 and broken up in 1687.
*HMS|Triumph|1698|6 was a 90-gun second rate ship of the line launched in 1698. She was renamed HMS "Prince" in 1714, rebuilt in 1750 and broken up in 1773.
*HMS|Triumph|1739|6 was an 18-gun sloop, formerly the Spanish "Triunfo". She was captured in 1739 and foundered in 1740.
*HMS|Triumph|1764|6 was a 74-gun third-rate ship of the line launched in 1764. She was used for harbour service from 1813 and was broken up in 1850.
*HMS "Triumph" was to have been a 91-gun screw propelled "Bulwark" class second rate. She was renamed HMS|Prince Consort|1862|6 before her launch in 1862 as a "Prince Consort" class armoured frigate.
*HMS|Triumph|1870|6 was a "Swiftsure"-class battleship launched in 1870. She was renamed HMS "Tenedos" in 1904, being used as a depot ship, and then a training ship. She was renamed HMS "Indus IV" in 1912, and HMS "Algiers" in 1915. She was sold in 1921.
*HMS|Triumph|1903|6 was a "Swiftsure" class battleship launched in 1903 and sunk by "U-21" in 1915.
*HMS|Triumph|N18|6 was a T-class submarine launched in 1938 and sunk in 1942.
*HMS|Triumph|R16|6 was a "Colossus"-class light fleet aircraft carrier launched in 1944. She was converted to a heavy repair ship in 1964 and was scrapped in 1981.
*HMS|Triumph|S93|6 is a "Trafalgar"-class fleet submarine launched in 1990 and currently in service.

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