Transverse fissure of liver

Transverse fissure of liver

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Name = Transverse fissure of liver
Latin = porta hepatis
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Caption = Inferior surface of the liver.

Caption2 = The portal vein and its tributaries. (Porta hepatis labeled at upper right.)
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The porta hepatis or transverse fissure of the liver is a short but deep fissure, about 5 cm long, extending transversely across the under surface of the left portion of the right lobe of the liver, nearer its posterior surface than its anterior border.

It joins nearly at right angles with the left sagittal fossa, and separates the quadrate lobe in front from the caudate lobe and process behind. It transmits the hepatic portal vein, the hepatic artery proper, the common hepatic duct, nerves and lymphatics. The hepatic duct lies in front and to the right, the hepatic artery to the left, and the portal vein behind and between the duct and artery.

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* - "Stomach, Spleen and Liver: The Visceral Surface of the Liver"

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