Pietro Rossi (scientist)

Pietro Rossi (scientist)

Pietro Rossi ( 1738 in Florence21 December 1804 in Pisa) was an Italian scientist and entomologist.

Rossi’s academic career was conducted at the university of Pisa. There in 1759 he attained a doctorate in philosophy and medicine. He was then made (from 1763 to 1801) a professor of logic , before he finally received, in 1801, the chair for natural history with the special field "Insectology", making him the world’s first professor for entomology. His publications, particularly "Fauna etrusca" (1790) and "Mantissa insectorum" (1792), are considered as pioneer achievements of entomology, which still possess scientific validity for taxonomy and biological nomenclature.Parts of his collection were once in the possession of Johann Christian Ludwig Hellwig in Braunschweig and these are now in the Humboldt Museum for natural history in Berlin.

After his death Rossi the "Museo entomologico Pietro Rossi" was integrated into the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale de Milan in Milan.


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