List of Negima characters (16-31)

List of Negima characters (16-31)

NOTE: The following Character descriptions are drawn primarily from the original manga. Any notable differences in the anime series will be noted. Also, the student numbers are based on the ordering of surnames according to the gojūon.

Makie Sasaki

Student Number 16: nihongo|Makie Sasaki|佐々木 まき絵|Sasaki Makie Birthday: 7 March 1989. The 16th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the energetic (and rather childish) rhythmic gymnast and one of the more prominent of the Sports Girls in the class. Although interested in cute things such as teacher Negi Springfield, her encounters with him lead her to become connected to various magical and supernatural phenomenon without truly knowing anything going on. Her connections with Negi also drive her into occasional confrontations with fellow Negiholic Ayaka Yukihiro.

(Seiyū: Yui Horie, English VA: Kate Oxley, Live action actress: Yuri Kawase)

akurako Shiina

Student Number 17: nihongo|Sakurako Shiina |椎名 桜子|Shiina Sakurako Birthday: 9 June 1988. She is the most cheerful of the three cheerleaders in the class. She likes Negi, but only because she thinks he is cute. She loves karaoke and her pet cats, Cookie and Biscuit (translated as "Kukki" and "Bikke" in katakana) and is in the lacrosse club. As a hobby, Sakurako gambles a lot (it was probably a habit instilled in her younger days). She wins her bets most of the time, as seen when the Love-Love Kiss Operation concluded and it was discovered that she was the only one who bet on Nodoka to win and when she bet on her class to get the highest scores during the final exams. She has been in the same class as Asuna and Ayaka for a very long time, so she knows a lot about them (and bets when they fight since Asuna first transferred). Her notability with Ayaka is seen in also being her seatmate in the front of the class as well as a constant restrainer of the "iincho" when she goes off. A recent chapter also shows that she was known to Yuna from elementary school as well.

One of Sakurako's noticeable traits is her extremely hyper personality, cheerful and always in search of a good time. Her spontaneous reactions, particularly in class or around Negi, usually ends up making her the first to do something in response to a question or inquiry. Another peculiar trait of Sakurako's hyperness is the strange words that she makes up that are supposed to stand for other words in the Japanese language. One particular case is the word nihongo|"honyaraba"|ほにゃらば, a word that is Sakurako's representation of the Japanese expression nihongo|"Sore naraba"|それならば|"If that's the case". Many of these "Sakurako words" have the word nihongo|"nya"|にゃ|an onomatopoeia for a cat's meow in them, which may have something to do with her keeping cats on campus. There are even occasions where her spontaneity and strange language come together: when Negi tries to ask for suggestions at one point for an English training exercise, Sakurako ends up leading the class to playing "yakkyūken". (the word translates as "baseball fist", but the game is about translating English words to Japanese at the risk of losing an article of clothing like in strip poker)

Sakurako's outgoing personality allows her to have an easy time in befriending Negi from his immediate arrival prior to the events that would allow him to befriend other classmates. However, she usually spends more time together with Misa and Madoka on various outings instead, including the trip to Kyoto and Ayaka's South Seas resort. During the Mahora Festival, she is one of the main haunted house guides alongside Yuna as well as takes part in the Dekopin Rocket performance, spending more time on setup with Misa while Madoka spends the period with Ako. During the "Mages vs the Martian Attacks" game, she is stripped to her underwear along with her cheerleader colleagues. During the start of the Summer Festival, she and the other members of the Cheerleader girls get involved in Evangeline's Badge Collection game. Instead of trying for the badges themselves, they send members of the various martial arts groups to attack Ku Fei and Haruna. However, the two targets easily vanquish their opponents.

She and her cheerleader colleagues are among the invitees to go on Ayaka's private 'Negi-Jet,' though she and several other classmates are reluctant to fly in such a ridiculously-painted aircraft. She is among the group who secretly follow Negi to the gateway to the magical world, using her "luck abilities" to find the way. Although she was successful in reaching the gate to Magic Country, she and the other cheerleaders were left behind when the sports girls and Natsumi follow and find their way through to the magic world.

*According to character design notes in Volume 2, the idea for Sakurako sprang from the character design of Kozue Migara who was in the Lacrosse Club.
*Sakurako is known to have one of the most hair color changes in the entire Negima franchise. While she has pinkish orange hair in color manga illustrations, she is depicted as a brunette (with light brown hair) in the introductory OAVs, a dark redhead in the first anime, and a blonde in "Negima!?"
*"Negima!:" Her pactio ability, combined with Misa and Madoka, is an energizing cheer. Furthermore, Sakurako is the one who tells Negi of the relations between Asuna and Ayaka, while it is only inferred in the manga that she too shared the same class.
*"Negima!?:" Like Misa and Madoka, Sakurako is rendered as part of one cheer unit, speaking alongside the other girls and even finishing sentences (although they do speak to each other to give their individual thoughts). The only time she shows enthusiasm similar to her manga counterpart is during certain songs, most notable in the anime for the cheerleader version of "A-LY-YA!". During the "Suka incident", she turns into a dog (of interesting note: a pic in the final episode pairs her "dog form" with Makie in her monkey suit. This has multiple meanings: Makie's backstory about "Father", the bad relationship between dogs and monkeys in Japanese folklore, as well as Makie and Sakurako's common ancestry from prototype character Kozue Migara).

(Seiyū: Akane Omae English VA: Colleen Clinkenbeard, Live action actress: Ao Kayama)

Mana Tatsumiya

Student Number 18: nihongo|Mana Tatsumiya|龍宮 真名|Tatsumiya Mana Birthday: 17 November 1988. She is the daughter of the keepers of the Tatsumiya shrine (which is on campus), and works part-time there as a priestess ("miko") and exorcist, employing guns with spellbreaker bullets as her tool of exorcism. She is not particularly sociable, keeping to herself most of the time and not engaging in conversation, although in Volume 6 of the manga she is shown in the hot springs with the Sports Girls, and almost shoots Kazumi when she feels her sneaking up on them. She is a skinflint, and does not readily spend money unless she has to, or if there is a way to get a discount. She is also a mercenary, and mostly takes on contracts that pertain to hunting/destroying/exorcising demons and ghosts but will take on any job as long as she is paid well. During the Mahora Festival, she worked for the school mages to prevent confessions of love, and Chao during the Mahora Fighting Tournament and battle of Nanoha. When on the job, she is extremely serious and straightforward, which can make her seem cold-hearted and quite frightening. She discovered Negi's secret when she helped rescue Konoka at Kyoto (although she already knew about the existence of magic). She is also in the Biathlon club, as her apparent crush is the club's captain. Mana has the third largest breasts in class, and is the tallest girl. As such, she (and Kaede) are often mistaken for being older than middle school students. Strangely, Graf Herrmann never captured her when he fought Negi and Kotaro under the World Tree.

Mana carries a pactio card, which is the remnant of a contract she had with a mage who is now deceased. The name written in Latin on her pactio card is "Mana Arkana" ("arcana" meaning "secret"). This, and an exchange with Chamo, seems to hint that Mana is attending Mahora under an assumed identity, and may be older than she claims. Mana possesses a number of mystical abilities, one of which is her Demon-Eye, which allows her to see demons and spirits, (though she did not notice Sayo until she tried to reveal herself). It is unclear if this ability is due to her former contract or some natural power. She is also capable of story high building jumps (Chapter 86, Page 8). She took part in the Mahora Fighting Tournament, but lost to Kū Fei. It is possible that she may have thrown that fight, as Chao offered her some kind of payoff telling her that she lost the fight quite convincingly, but Mana turned it down and told her that she was going close-to-all-out in the fight. She took part in Chao's plan to reveal the existence of magic to the world, preventing people like Takahata from interfering.

On the third day of the Mahora Festival, Mana, working for Chao, used her skills as a sniper to take out the more powerful mages, and even some of her fellow classmates who are participating in the "Mars Attacks vs. Mage Order" "game". But she ended up fighting Kaede. Kaede caught her in her own time displacement bullets, and when they reappear, the battle is over. The two of them stop fighting and watch the end festivities of the festival.

Although initially unconnected to Negi's journey to the Magical World, both she and Takamichi arrive in the world greeted by Donet, their purpose currently unknown.

*According to her character design notes in Volume 6, Mana is half-Puerto Rican, half-Japanese. It also states her name as "Ryū-gū" Mana (where the kanji is the same as "Tatsu-miya" Mana).
*Guns she has used until now are listed in Mana's guns in the List of Items and Artifacts in Negima.
*She has the third largest breasts in Class 3A - she lost out to Kaede (second), but only by 1 mm.
*"Negima!:" In the first anime series, she is darker skinned and her hair is blue, with her hair ties being red. Her pactio artifact is a rifle that fires magic bullets. Prior to Kyoto, she is one of the few characters who openly speaks to Setsuna, while this is one of the few interpretations that does acknowledge Mana as a shrine maiden at the Tatsumiya shrine (with both the manga and other animated interpretations emphasizing her magical connections or marksmanship abilities).
*"Negima!?:" Mana is much more distant to Negi and the other students in this version, usually just appearing to make a side comment alongside Zazie, and is usually seen carrying or polishing a gun of some sort, even in the middle of class or in the bath.

(Seiyū: Miho Sakuma, English VA: Stephanie Young, Live action actress: Juri)

Chao Lingshen

Student Number 19: nihongo|Chao Lingshen|超 鈴音 katakana: チャオリンシェン|Chao Rinshen Listed Birthday: 1 December 1988. The 19th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she initially appears as merely the genius of Mahora Academy, known for her brains, her athletic skills and the boss of a food stand specializing in Chinese delicacies. Later in the series, it is revealed that actually, Chao is a time traveler, arriving from the future and attempting to use her genius to change history by using the power of the World Tree during the Mahora Festival to reveal the existence of magic to the world. During this story arc, she clashed with Negi Springfield, who she claims is her ancestor.

(Seiyū: Chiaki Osawa (Negima!), Megumi Takamoto (Negima!?), English VA: Trina Nishimura, Live action actress: Keaki Watanabe)

Kaede Nagase

Student Number 20: nihongo|Kaede Nagase|長瀬 楓|Nagase Kaede Birthday: 12 November 1988"Mahou Sensei Negima: Official Fanbook"; page 93.] . She is the gentle and calm yet strong and tall girl. She has an easy-going attitude and is almost always seen with her eyes almost closed. She refers to herself as "sessha" and she frequently ends her sentences with "de gozaru", an archaic verb form historically used by samurai. She also has a tendency to address people, particularly in the second series, with the honorific "-dono" ("lord", used by samurai towards superiors; example: Asuna-dono, Setsuna-dono) which is ironic considering she is a ninja (often called the "anti-samurai"). In her free time, she trains in the mountains, displaying a wide range of cinematic ninja abilities such as "kage bunshin" (影分身 "shadow doppelganger"). She uses her abilities to great effect when aiding Negi and his companions during their battles. She was born in the Koga ninja clan, but was born a generation too late, since her parents do not carry on the family ninja traditions (Volume 3). As one of the lowest scorers in the class, she is "Baka Blue" of the "Baka Rangers" (or Dummy Force in the FUNimation dub) study group. She is also a member of the Mahora Walking Club, along with Fuka and Fumika.

Kaede was the second girl in the class (Asuna being the first) to learn about Negi's magic. When Negi had fled into the woods during his conflict with Evangeline, Kaede found him while training, and helped restore his spirits. She saw Negi flying off the next morning, but kept this a secret even from him until she helped Negi rescue Konoka at Kyoto where she fought and defeated Kotaro Inugami (though Kaede suspected that Kotaro might have held back and given Kotaro's chivalrous nature, this could be true). During her fight with Kotaro, Kaede introduced herself as a nihongo|chūnin|中忍 of the nihongo|Koga ninja clan|甲賀流. Kaede is the second tallest girl in the class, and has the second largest breasts. Graf Herrman did not capture her when he fought Negi and Kotaro under the World Tree, but she was watching the battle with Evangeline and Chachamaru from a distance. She did quite well during the Mahora Budokai, earning a trip to the semifinals before Colonel Sanders ended her tournament run in a match where she managed to avoid his attacks and conceded defeat only after knowing his intentions in participating in the tournament. Despite this, during the match she managed to impress him enough to earn an invitation to his post-festival tea party. Just like how she helped Negi during his period of self-doubt during his first encounter with Evangeline, she helped Kotaro after his loss to Albireo Imma by offering to train together to become stronger. She and a few other girls were trapped in the future with Negi after Chao succeeded in revealing magic to the world. After returning to the past, she fought alongside Negi, where she fought with Mana.

She is a member of Negi's "White Wing" (a.k.a. the Mahora English Research Group) and was easily able to defend her badge against Fuka and Fumika during Evangeline's badge collection game. During the summer break, she also got into a competition with Mana to sneak into a cinema cheaply, which she won by using a transformation jutsu.

Kaede, after enjoying the hospitality of Negi's home along with several other of her classmates, went through to the Magic World. After Negi is attacked, she attempts to fight one of Fate Averruncus's minions, but was trapped inside a ball of darkness. She was able to free herself with the help of a seal hidden in her hair. However, Fate managed to destroy the magical gateway, causing a massive explosion of displacement magic. She was working as a bounty hunter alongside Konoka, and have recently been reunited with Setsuna and Asuna when they were both hired separately to help with the same task of defeating wild dragons. Currently, she has been reunited with Negi in Ostia.

*Both anime series depict her having grayish brown hair rather than the yellowish brown that she has in the manga.
*"Negima!:" Her pactio artifact is a giant shuriken, but what it does isn't seen.
*"Negima!?:" Although she primarily is seen alongside the Narutaki twins, she does make a Pactio with Negi early in the series. During her only true battle, she reveals a Cosplay card that turns her into a tengu with transformation abilities. However, she also turns into a kappa during the "Suka incident". Also, she often dresses in old-fashioned brown robes, taking on an appearance similar to how a kitsune looks, and acts as a surrogate mother figure for the Narutaki twins.

(Seiyū: Ryoko Shiraishi English VA: Clarine Harp, Live action actress: Yūna Arai)

Chizuru Naba

Student Number 21: nihongo|Chizuru Naba|那波 千鶴|Naba Chizuru Birthday: 29 January 1989. She is a gentle, motherly, and loving, yet strange girl (she seems to have a problem with people calling her "old"). She is a kind person to everyone, volunteers at the daycare center in Mahora City and is in the Astronomy club. She is a good cook, and has exceptional domestic skills. Even though she is very nice, she can be sometimes be equally scary. Shortly after Golden Week, she found an injured dog on the side of the road. She took the dog in, which turned out to be a young half-demon boy named Kotaro Inugami, who had come to Mahora looking for Negi. Unfortunately, Graf Herrman, a powerful demon, attacked Kotaro, and kidnapped Chizuru when she stood up to him. She all but adopts Kotaro after Negi and Kotaro defeat Graf Hermann, and gets him to live in their dorm under the identity of Natsumi's younger brother. Chizuru is extremely courageous, as shown in her encounter with Graf Hermann, where she calmly confronted him for his intrusion and even slapped him when he was about to petrify Kotaro. Chizuru was in attendance during the Mahora Fight-out with Natsumi to cheer on Kotaro. Her kindness is again shown when she tended to Kotaro's wounds after he was defeated by Albireo Imma, it is also mentioned by Kaede after Kotaro complains about Chizuru using many bandages. While Chizuru stays out of the fighting during the mock-battle at the festival, she does take part in the search for Chao late in the conflict, and wins a gift pack for finding her (which she promptly intimidates Kotaro and Natsumi into not disclosing). Her roommates are Ayaka, Natsumi, and Kotaro. Chizuru has the largest breasts in the class (94cm or 37 in, 5cm larger than second placed Kaede). In the Volume 8 character notes and the Negima Workshop, Ken Akamatsu mentions that Chizuru and Mutsumi Otohime from his earlier work, "Love Hina", are very similar.

She is among the invitees aboard Ayaka's private 'Negi-Jet' to England. Unlike her classmates, she thinks the jet's jarrish paint job was in good taste. She and the others meet up with Negi's group but she chooses to stay behind with Ayaka at Nekane's estate as Negi's main group (and a following group of stragglers) head for Magic Country.

*"Negima!:" Her pactio artifact in the anime is a group of magic spheres that explode. She also has blackish brown hair, similar to Natsumi's hair color in this series. She also takes part in the 2-A kiss pillow fight in place of Chisame.
*"Negima!?:" The second anime takes advantage of Chizuru's character development since the first series, developing both on her motherly personality and nosy, inquisitive nature. Her relationship to Natsumi is further emphasized as she consistently bugs her roommate with bizarre sayings and forcing Natsumi to suffer for her own amusement. Furthermore, her knowledge and understanding of astronomy becomes key towards the events in discovering the mastermind of the troubles in the series.
* Chizuru's original character design was a girl who had a complex about her father, who was a teacher at the school. This was eventually switched with the "pre-school helper" elements of another character who would become Yuna Akashi.

(Seiyū: Misa Kobayashi, English VA: Amy Rosenthal, Live action actress: Ai Tanimoto)

Fuka Narutaki

Student Number 22: nihongo|Fuka Narutaki|鳴滝 風香|Narutaki Fūka Birthday: 6 December 1988. She is the elder of the Narutaki twins and the class prankster who always seems to be looking for some way to get into trouble. More often than not, she winds up getting Fumika to help her out as well. Both she and her sister claim to be taking ninjutsu lessons from Kaede (Volume 5), but whether they have any appreciable skills is questionable. The only notable skill they have displayed is their 'Spy Run Jutsu' (which is basically just eavesdropping and then running away). Both twins took part in the "Kiss Negi" game, where the both kissed a clone of Negi at the same time, resulting in a single Botched Pactio Card featuring both of them. The twins are members of the Academy Walking Club, and Fuka enjoys teasing Negi by exaggerating things. She and her sister learn of the formation of the new club that will accompany Negi to England, and took part in Evangeline's Badge Collection game. She along with Fumika try for Kaede's badge and were both promptly knocked out. Like many other competitors, she travels to England in Ayaka's group. She and the others meet up with Negi's group and are currently enjoying the hospitality of Nekane's home and touring Negi's hometown.

*"Negima!:" In the first anime, Fuka's hair is pink. Her pactio abilitiy, like her sister, is the creation of an unlimited amount of clones.
*"Negima!?:" Little changes have occurred to Fuka in this series, either in look or in her mischievous personality. Both she and her twin gain Pactio early in this series, with her only regular release being a Cosplay card turning her into a Japanese-style detective. During the "Suka incident", she becomes a bumblebee.
*Fuka and her twin sister Fumika are the shortest girls in their class.

(Seiyū: Kimiko Koyama, English VA: Alison Viktorin, Live action actress: Saya Kataoka)

Fumika Narutaki

Student Number 23: nihongo|Fumika Narutaki|鳴滝 史伽|Narutaki Fumika Birthday: 6 December 1988. She is the younger of the Narutaki twins. She is almost the complete opposite of Fuka. Her hobby is cleaning, and while she goes along with Fuka's pranks, constantly tries to tell her sister that they are bad ideas. The twins claim to be undergoing ninjutsu training from their roommate Kaede, and are seen wearing ninja outfits during the "Kiss Negi" contest in Kyoto, and afterwards, when they wanted to play with Negi. She and her sister are the only girls in the class that have not yet gone through puberty. She and her sister spied on Negi's group as they planned to head to England and spread the news to the other girls in the class. They tried to win the right to accompany Negi to England by stealing Kaede's badge, but failed spectacularly. They instead travelled with Ayaka and are currently enjoying the hospitality of Nekane's home and touring Negi's hometown.

*"Negima!:" Fumika's hair is pink and her hair accessories are yellow. But her most radical change is becoming a twin of Fuka in personality as well as biologically, becoming just as mischievous and troublemaking (although she does retain some of her cautious personality). Like her sister, her pactio ability is the creation of a limitless amount of clones.
*"Negima!?:" Fumika finally retains her more cautious personality in this series, but her eyes are now blue in color to differentiate from Fuka. Both she and her twin gain Pactio early in this series, with her only regular release being a Cosplay card turning her into a Western-style detective. At a later time, she discovers that this form gives her a magic magnifying glass that can see the future. During the "Suka incident", she becomes a bumblebee. Fumika also has a habit of ending all her sentences with "desu".
*Fumika and her twin sister Fuka are the shortest girls in their class.

(Seiyū: Mari Kanou, English VA: Alison Viktorin, Live action actress: Manaka Yamamoto)

atomi Hakase

Student Number 24: nihongo|Satomi Hakase|葉加瀬 聡美|Hakase Satomi Birthday: 14 July 1988. She is the robotics expert. She is best friends with Chao, and created Chachamaru with her help. Her nickname is "Professor" (博士, meaning "expert, learned person", a play on her last name as it is also pronounced "Hakase"). She and Chao enjoy testing her inventions on Kū Fei. She is also a member of the Robotics and Jet Propulsion Society of Mahora University. Her great intelligence, obsession in her work, and somewhat lacking common sense, lead her classmates to refer to both her and Chao as mad scientists. In her biography, she dislikes things that cannot be explained or scientifically proven, despite the fact that she is well aware of magic and uses it frequently in her work, especially in the creation of her greatest achievement, Chachamaru. She becomes especially impressed when Chachamaru began displaying human emotions, following her interactions with Negi. She attempted some experiments to better understand the cause of the emotions, and ended up getting punched by Chachamaru after starting to announce who Chachamaru had a crush on. During the Mahora Festival, she aided Chao with her plan to reveal the existence of mages to the world. On the 3rd Day of the festival, she and Chao prepared the spell to reveal magic to the world, though she appeared to be having second thoughts. At that point, Negi arrived to stop them. However, by the time Chao was defeated by Negi, she was able to complete the incantation for the "Forced Recognition Magic", though the spell was changed with Chao's loss into an enchantment to remove hatred from the world for a day. She also has a love interest named Kenji Tachibana, who has not yet appeared in the manga.

Satomi recently upgraded Chachamaru's body with more humanlike skin and softer appearance. She is one of the few Class 3-A students who did not participate in Negi's sojourn to Wales and the Magic World.

*"Negima!:" Her pactio artifact is a magic backpack, allowing her to use a "Plasma Punch" attack.
*"Negima!?:" Usually seen alongside either Chao or Chachamaru, Satomi assists in the technical upkeep of the class. She also retains her mad scientist roots in the "omake", both assisting Chao with her "nikuman"-making "Super Power Hand" and even upgrading the Baka Rangers to animal-like cyborgs (exactly like their Suka forms in continuity).

(Seiyū: Mai Kadowaki, English VA: Jayme Westman (Xebec version); Carrie Savage (SHAFT version), Live action actress: Ririko Uchida)

Chisame Hasegawa

Student Number 25: nihongo|Chisame Hasegawa|長谷川 千雨|Hasegawa Chisame Birthday: 2 February 1989. The 25th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the grumpy, antisocial computer hacker of the class, avoiding everyone intentionally due to her dislike of freaks and weirdoes. However, Chisame secretly lives a double life, transforming herself into the famous web idol nihongo|Chiu|ちう, where she can be popular without putting up with the local idiots. Her logical nature eventually figures out the magical secrets of Mahora Academy and her teacher Negi Springfield, leading to Chisame drawing closer to the magical world.

(Seiyū: Yumi Shimura, English VA: Caitlin Glass, Live action actress: Natsuko Asō)

Evangeline A.K. McDowell

Student Number 26: nihongo|Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell|エヴァンジェリン・アタナシア・キティ・マクダウェル|Evanjerin Atanashia Kiti Makudaueru, listed as nihongo|Evangeline A.K. McDowell|エヴァンジェリン・マクダウェル|Evanjerin Makudaueru on the seating chart. The 26th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is in actuality a centuries-old vampire cursed and locked away within a younger body due to the actions of Nagi Springfield, the father of her teacher Negi Springfield. Initially an antagonist for Negi due to his father's actions, she eventually becomes an important teacher and guide for the young mage and his allies as they fight and search for his missing father. Yet whether fighting or teaching, Eva remains a cruel, powerful mage in her own right, yet with the sensitivities of her former human life.

(Seiyū: Yuki Matsuoka, English VA: Laura Bailey, Live action actress: Sakina Kuwae)

Nodoka Miyazaki

Student Number 27: nihongo|Nodoka Miyazaki|宮崎 のどか|Miyazaki Nodoka Birthday: 10 May 1988. The 27th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, this shy, introverted bookworm falls for Negi at first sight after (literally) falling for him and tries to go beyond her emotions to win his heart. Eventually, Nodoka becomes a major ally of Negi's team, gaining a Pactio ability in reading minds and attempting to learn magic all in the name of winning Negi (even at the possible cost of losing her friend, fellow Library Exploration Club member Yue Ayase).

(Seiyū: Mamiko Noto, English VA: Leah Clark, Live action actress: Miyū Wagawa)

Natsumi Murakami

Student Number 28: nihongo|Natsumi Murakami|村上 夏美|Murakami Natsumi Birthday: 21 October 1988. She is a sweet yet shy girl who is an actress in the theatrical club. She loves acting but dislikes her ad-libs as well as her own appearance because her body is not very 'mature'-looking. In the manga, she also has freckles, and a complex about them, and her bright red hair. This is made worse by being roommates with Ayaka Yukihiro and Chizuru, who both have mature bodies and bigger breasts. Kotarō, who is also staying with them, assumes the identity as her younger brother. Although the role was forced on her by Chizuru, Natsumi seems to be adapting well to the role of being an older sister. Recently however, she seems to be showing signs of jealousy regarding the girls Kotaro has been talking to after the festival (Yue and Nodoka, Kaede, Mei, and Takane) and may be harboring feelings for him. She is one of the invitees aboard Ayaka's private 'Negi-Jet' to England. Although she was supposed to stay behind, Natsumi followed Negi into the Magical World alongside the sports girls, but was teleported to a random location when Fate destroyed the teleportation system. She was forced to become an indentured servant for a cruel master, along with Akira and Ako. However, the three were saved from further molestation by Negi, in the guise of "Nagi". She recognizes Kotaro immediately despite his disguise, and eventually works out Negi's true identity. Currently, she and Akira are watching over Negi's base in the Magic World while the others search for the other missing students.

*Negima!: Her Pactio allows her to disguise as Fujiko Mine from Lupin the 3rd and use a magic motorcycle. The follow up speech is taken from the "Cutey Honey" series which is a story about a robot girl who can change her appearance. Her typical red-brown hair remains though as the hair from the transformation is merely a wig.
*Negima!?: Natsumi's hair color is swapped with Chisame's old hair color from red-brown to dark green in this series and her freckles are more visible. Natsumi is stuck most of this series under the shadow of her roommate Chizuru, consistently being belittled mentally by the supposedly helpful but ultimately confusing or damaging comments and actions.

(Seiyū: Mai Aizawa, English VA: Majken Kunishima, Live action actress: Eri Mukunoki)

Ayaka Yukihiro

Student Number 29: nihongo|Ayaka Yukihiro|雪広 あやか|Yukihiro Ayaka Birthday: 5 July 1988. The 29th student in Japanese alphabetical order of class 2/3-A, she is the bossy, controlling president (or "iincho") of class 2/3A. A rich girl born in a life of luxury, she immediately becomes obsessed with her young teacher Negi Springfield from the moment of his arrival, leading to scornful accusations of her obsessions with little boys but in actuality connected to an early tragedy in her life, as her younger brother died shortly after he was born. Her closest connection in class is with layabout Asuna Kagurazaka, of which she holds a love/hate relationship with, but underneath their rivalry they do care about each other, even if they don't like showing it. While Asuna teases Ayaka for having a 'shota complex', Ayaka says that Asuna likes 'old men'.

(Seiyū: Junko Minagawa, English VA: Laura Bailey, Live action actress: Rei Ōtsuka)

atsuki Yotsuba

Student Number 30: nihongo|Satsuki Yotsuba|四葉 五月|Yotsuba Satsuki Birthday: 12 May 1988. She is the gentle cook. She enjoys cooking and is in the cooking club. She also cooks at "Chao Bao Zi", a restaurant operated out of a streetcar that sells meat buns and other foods with Chao, Hakase, Ku, and Chachamaru. She is also the school dining officer. A very nice and hard-working person, Satsuki is liked by everyone in Mahora, even Evangeline (who sees the rest of the class as a pack of air-headed beasts) and Nitta (who views the middle school students, especially the ones from 3-A, as rowdy kids who need to be disciplined at all times). Her very presence creates an atmosphere of serenity, and she can quickly put a stop to fights even between the hot-headed students in the High School and University martial arts clubs. Satsuki's dream is to have her own restaurant, as she likes making people happy through her food. Satsuki has a unique way of speaking that is shown in the manga by depicting her words without a speech bubble (possibly similar in style to Sumiyoshi of the Excel Saga series). Satsuki seems to be privy to the details of Chao's true identity, and presumably the existence of magic, as she had helped Takamichi, and later Misora and Cocone escape from Chao's underground complex, and even pilots the "Chao Bao Zi" car, which is capable of flight, to rescue Negi and Chao at the end of their battle.

Satsuki is one of the few students of Class 3-A who did not participate in Negi's sojourn to Wales and the Magical World. She continues to run the Chao Bao Zi in Chao's absence, and was recently dressed up by Evangeline in an attempt to alleviate her boredom.

The manga and anime also tend to associate her with Koalas.

*Her personal name, Satsuki, literally means the "fifth month" of the solar calendar, May, which is the month she was born.
*Negima!: Her Pactio ability is a magical version of her "Chao Bao Zi" stand to feed hungry demons to death. Like Zazie, she does not have any lines until the final episode (and the preview prior to it)
*Negima!?: Satsuki gains slight prominence as leader of the domestic/caretaker group after the class is sent to an alternate universe. And unlike the manga and the first anime series, in which she is visibly overweight, she appears slimmer in this version, though her face is still squarish.

(Seiyū: Naomi Inoue English VA: Monica Rial, Live action actress: Mei Shimizu)

Zazie Rainyday

Student Number 31: nihongo|Zazie Rainyday|ザジ・レイニーデイ|Zaji Reinīdei Birthday: 17 March 1989. The silent acrobat, and one of the most mysterious girls of the class. Nothing much is known about her, as she rarely associates with anybody, and even when she does, she rarely talks (she has spoken only eight times in the serialized manga thus far). What is known is that she is a member of the "Nightmare Circus", the school's Acrobatic Club, and is seen directing a group of "monsters" or "spirits" (similar to No-Face from "Spirited Away", the Angels from "Neon Genesis Evangelion" or possibly Hollows from "Bleach") when she offered to cover for her classmates during the school festival, and gave Chao a tiny living dragon as a farewell gift. She also has been shown to see Sayo without the assistance of Negi or having a close relationship with her like Kazumi. According to Negi's Class Register, Zazie is also a member of the school's Magic Club, though whether this is real magic or stage conjuring is unknown. In the anime, she is shown to have proficiency in all kinds of circus tricks such as juggling, sleight of hand, and costume changing. She has dark skin, and has two particular face marks: a large teardrop under her left eye (strongly resembling the carnival character "pierro"), and a vertical line resembling a scar crossing the right side of her face. A splash picture of the cast shows her with claws growing from her fingers."Mahou Sensei Negima" manga; chapter 1, page 6-7.] She is sometimes seen with her pet bird, but more recently with her "friends" (the black spirit-monsters). So far, she is the least known of all the students in Negi's class and very little has been revealed about her.

Zazie is one of the few students in Class 3-A who did not participate in Negi's sojourn to Wales and the Magical World.

When Zazie's name is seen it is written in the Latin alphabet, rather than in Japanese. Similarly, Evangeline's name is also written with the Roman alphabet. This seems to indicate that, like Evangeline, Zazie isn't from Japan and is instead from a country which uses the Roman alphabet. This is backed up by the fact that Chisame referred to her as a transfer student in volume 2.

*Negima!: After gaining Pactio, she gets a set of magical slicing cards. As well, in her costume her facepaint colour changes to that of her appearnace in "Negima!?" She also gets in her only line of the series in the final episode, as well as her only ever time she smiled (she also speaks lines for the final preview of the series, but that is outside continuity).
*Negima!?: Although usually quiet and seen juggling around items in this series, Zazie does speak more often, primarily in small conversations with roommate Mana, which primarily involve her making very bad puns and being scored on them by Mana or whoever else is present. Also, when she is accidentally captured in a trap intended to catch the Black Rose Baron, Asuna refers to her as a foreigner (just like the accusation in the manga). During the "Suka incident", she turns into a squid (which is also her card representation during the final battle, while all the other girls are represented by Armor cards). As an added note, unlike events in the manga, she does not see nor sense Sayo until the mass pactio, only sensing her in one scene when she sees her costume seemingly move by its own (Sayo is actually wearing it). ["Negima!?", episode 7] Furthermore, the teardrop mark on her face is painted blue (similar to a water droplet) instead of brown.

(Seiyū: Yuka Inokuchi English VA: Carrie Savage, Live action actress: Taeka Hatasawa)


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