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Brahui language

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The Brahui (Urdu spelling: بروہی) or Bravi (براوِ) language, spoken by the Brahui, is a Dravidian language mainly spoken in Pakistan, although it is also spoken in Afghanistan and Iran. The 2005 edition of Ethnologue reports some 2.2 million speakers, 90% of whom live in Pakistan. In Pakistan it is mainly spoken in the Kalat region of Balochistan.

Although it is a Dravidian language, it has been heavily influenced by the Iranian languages spoken in the area, especially Balochi.

Brahui is widely suggested to be a remnant of a formerly widespread Dravidian language family that is believed to have been reduced or replaced during the influx of Indic languages. It is also been suggested that Brahui might be a direct legacy of the Indus Valley Civilisation. Conversely, it has also been suggested that Brahuis migrated up to Baluchistan in the 13 or 14th century [Sergent, "Genèse de l'Inde"] or by a late immigration that took place after 1000 CE. [J. H. Elfenbein, "A periplous of the 'Brahui problem'", Studia Iranica 16 (1987), 215-233, quoted after `The Languages of Harappa' by Michael Witzel Feb. 2000, p. 1 [] ]


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