Paul Stinchcombe

Paul Stinchcombe

Paul David Stinchcombe (born 25 April 1962, Haslemere) is a Labour Party politician in the United Kingdom.

Early life

He went to the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe. At Trinity College, Cambridge, he studied Law, gaining an MA. He went to Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, gaining a LLM. He became a barrister, working alongside Cherie Blair, specialising in environmental law. He was a councillor in the London Borough of Camden. He is a Christian Socialist who used Biblical imagery in his speeches. He was a speechwriter for Tony Blair.

Parliamentary career

He was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Wellingborough from 1997 till the 2005 general election, when he lost his seat to Peter Bone of the Conservative Party. He had gained the seat from Peter J. Fry.

He has returned to become a barrister.

Personal life

He married Suzanne Gardiner on July 7 1990. They have two sons and one daughter.

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