Leslie C. Quick Jr.

Leslie C. Quick Jr.

Leslie C. Quick Jr., co-founder of Quick and Reilly, was born on January 27 1926. He graduated from Widener University and in 1974 he founded Quick & Reilly, the first New York Stock Exchange member firm to offer discounted commissions to individuals and one of the nation's leading brokerage firms, expanding the business to include one of the largest specialist firms on the New York Stock Exchange, a major clearing and execution firm, and a NASDAQ market maker.

The dynamic leader of the firm that bears his name, Mr. Quick was also highly esteemed for his philanthropy and leadership abilities in charitable, religious and civic causes. His family are devout Roman Catholics. His widow, the late Regina Clarkson Quick (March 2, 1927 - April 3, 2006), was a member of the Dames of Malta, and a noted philanthropist. They had seven children and twenty-four grandchildren.

Mr. Quick was a member of the Fairfield University Board of Trustees, Chairman of the Board from 1982 through 1995 and received an Honorary Doctorate from the University in 1999. The Regina A. Quick Center for the Arts on the campus of Fairfield University was built in 1990 with his generous support and leadership and named for his beloved wife, Regina. And the Leslie C. Quick, Jr. Recreation Complex at Fairfield University was named in his honor in 2001. [ [http://www.fairfield.edu/x5766.html Fairfield University RecPlex named to honor Leslie C. Quick, Jr.] ] He also contributed significantly to his alma mater, Widener University, whose football stadium, Leslie C. Quick Jr. Stadium, was named after him when it was built in 1994.

He died on March 8 2001 in Boston, Massachusetts, aged 75 of undisclosed causes.

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