Portuguese Supreme Court of Justice

Portuguese Supreme Court of Justice

Portuguese Supreme Court of Justice (Portuguese: " Supremo Tribunal de Justiça", pron. IPA2|su'pɾemu tɾibu'naɫ dɨ ʒuʃ'tisɐ) is the highest court of law in Portugal without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Constitutional Court.

The President of the Supreme Court of Justice is elected by and among the members of the court.

The competences of the Supreme Court of Justice are the following:

* To try the President of the Republic, the President of the Assembly of the Republic and the Prime-Minister for crimes committed during the exercise of their Office

* To harmonize rulings by setting uniform jurisprudence

* To hear appeals in matters of Law

* To try the crimes committed by the members of the Supreme Court, of the Courts of Appeal or Public Prosecutors


* [http://www.sta.mj.pt/Linglesa/legislacao/legislacao_crp_02.html The Courts]

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* [http://www.stj.pt/ Portuguese Supreme Court of Justice]

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