Cosmopolitan Party of Canada

Cosmopolitan Party of Canada

The Cosmopolitan Party of Canada (French: Parti Cosmopolite du Canada) is a minor socially progressive political party in Canada that began to develop in the 2000s.

The party promotes

  • human rights
  • social justice
  • cultural diversity
  • universality of social programs, including access to basic amenities of life, public healthcare, and higher education
  • environmental protection
  • Canadian sovereignty.

The party has representatives in about 75 ridings across the country who organize discussion groups called "political cafés". It has representatives in all provinces except Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. It does not have representatives in any of the three territories. It also organizes through web forums.

It is not clear whether the party intends to nominate candidates in elections. The party applied to Elections Canada (the government's elections agency) to be a "registered political party", but the application was refused, leading the party to accuse Elections Canada of trying to protect Liberal Party of Canada candidates.

The party's leader is Raymond Samuels. He claims his professional background in law includes teaching at the college/university level, but he has never provided specifics as to where or what he taught.

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