List of kings of Swaziland

List of kings of Swaziland

This page contains a list of paramount chiefs and kings ("Ngwenyamas") of Swaziland. See also lists of incumbents.

Kings/Paramount Chiefs of Swaziland (Pre-1780)

*Langa Samuketi
*Nkosi I: 1355 - 1400
*Ngwane I: 1400 - 1435
**Dlamini I
**Mswati I
**Ngwane II
**Dlamini II
**Nkosi II
**Mavuso I
**Dlamini III

Kings/Paramount Chiefs of Swaziland (1780-1968)

*Ngwane III: 17...-1780
**"Queen Ndwandwe (regent)": 1780
*Ngvudgunye (Zikodze): 1780-1815
**"Queen Mndzebele (regent)": 1815
*Sobhuza I (Ngwane IV): 1815-1836
**"Queen Lojiba Simelane (regent)": 1836-1840
*Mswati II: 1840 - July 1868
**"Queen Tsandzile Ndwandwe (regent)": July 1868 - June 1875
**"Ludvonga II (Macaleni):" died before becoming king
*Mbandzeni (Dlamini IV): June 1875 - 7 October 1889
**"Queen Tibati Nkambule (regent)": 7 October 1889 - 1894
*Ngwane V: February 1895 - 10 December 1899
**"Queen Labotsibeni Gwamile Mdluli (regent)": 10 December 1899 - 22 December 1921
*Sobhuza II: 22 December 1921 - 2 September 1968

Kings of Swaziland (1968-Present)

*Sobhuza II: 2 September 1968 - 21 August 1982
**"Queen Dzeliwe (regent)": 21 August 1982 - 9 August 1983
**"Prince Sozisa Dlamini ("Authorized Person")": 9 August 1983 - 18 August 1983
**"Queen Ntombi (regent)": 18 August 1983 - 25 April 1986
*Mswati III: 25 April 1986 - Present

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