Yamato () is an ancient name of Japan. The term was semantically extended to mean “Japan” or “Japanese” in general. As such, the Ryukyuans sometimes use this name in contrasting mainland Japan with Okinawa Prefecture, and in the Okinawan language, Yamato is called "Yamatu". The term is thus a name for many things, and due to these, it is occasionally a point of contention.

Japanese history

* Yamato people, the dominant ethnic group of Japan
* Yamato period, which is the period of Japanese history when the Japanese Imperial court ruled from Yamato Province
* Yamato-damashii, the nationalistic "Japanese spirit"
* Yamato Nadeshiko, The ideology of the perfect Japanese woman, used as propaganda in World War II.
* Yamato Takeru, a legendary Japanese prince of the Yamato dynasty
* Yamato-e, classical Japanese painting


* Yamato 1, the first working prototype of a ship with a magnetohydrodynamic drive

Imperial Japanese Navy

* "Yamato" class battleship, the largest naval vessel of World War II and the largest, heaviest battleship ever constructed.
** Japanese battleship "Yamato", nameship of the aforementioned class, named after the Yamato Province
* "Yamato", corvette of the "Katsuragi" class, launched in 1885 and sunk on September 18, 1945 [http://homepage2.nifty.com/nishidah/e/stc0615.htm]

Japanese geography

* Yamato Province, a former province of Japan that covered the part of Honshu that is present-day Nara Prefecture
* Yamato, Kanagawa, a city in Kanagawa Prefecture
* Yamato, Fukuoka, a town in Fukuoka Prefecture
* Yamato, Fukushima, a town in Fukushima Prefecture
* Yamato, Saga, a town in Saga Prefecture
* Yamato, Kumamoto, a town in Kumamoto Prefecture
* Yamato, Ibaraki, a village in Ibaraki Prefecture
* Yamato, Kagoshima, a village in Kagoshima Prefecture
* Yamato, Yamanashi, a village in Yamanashi Prefecture
* Yamato, Gifu, a former town in Gifu Prefecture, which on 1 March 2004 became a part of Gujo City, Japan
* Yamato, Niigata, a former town in Niigata, Japan, which on 1 November 2004 merged with the town of Muika, Japan forming the city of Minamiuonuma, Japan
* Yamato, Yamaguchi, a former town in Yamaguchi Prefecture, which on 4 October 2004 merged into Hikari, Japan
* Yamato Town (as it was named upon its establishment in 1943), which changed its name to Wako, Saitama on 31 October 1970
* Yamato Village (as it was named upon its establishment on 1 November 1919), which changed its name to Higashi-yamato, Tokyo on 1 October 1970

Japanese organizations

* Yamato (movement), a western Japanese independence movement [an article at Wikinfo: [http://www.wikinfo.org/index.php/Yamato Yamato] ]

United States geography

* Yamato Colony, California, a Japanese-American agricultural community in California
* Yamato Colony, Florida, a Japanese farm settlement in South Florida in the first half of the twentieth century
* Yamato Colony, Texas, a Japanese-American owned sugar cane plantation in Texas

Antarctic geography

* Yamato Glacier


* Yamato Transport, Japan's largest door-to-door delivery service company
* Yamato Motor Co. Ltd., the producer of boats and motors for Kyōtei
* Yamato Life Insurance Company


* Wadaiko Yamato, a Japanese musical group which performs Taiko music
* USS "Yamato" (NCC-71807), a Galaxy Class starship in the Star Trek fictional universe which was a sister ship of the USS "Enterprise"
* "Otoko-tachi no Yamato", a 2005 Japanese World War II film about the "Yamato" Japanese battleship
* Yamato Man, A Robot Master from the video game "Mega Man VI"
* Yamato Cannon, a powerful weapon of Terran Battlecruisers in the popular PC game, "StarCraft" .
* The katana of Vergil, a character from the "Devil May Cry" series of video games
* The name of a legendary ark in "Ōkami"
* Two military science fiction novels by Ken Kato, both set in the 24th Century: ; and . Both were written during the early-to-mid-1990's; the paperback versions of each were published in a pair of separate installments, while the hardcover versions were published in a single installment.
* Yamato, one of the Alliance Fleet ships that carried the squadron "Ronin" and later "Tigers" on the PC and Dreamcast title "StarLancer"

Anime and Manga

* "Space Battleship Yamato", a Japanese science fiction anime series created by Leiji Matsumoto and the name of its eponymous space craft; called "Star Blazers" in the West
* Kira Yamato, the protagonist of the television anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" and an important character in "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny"
* Minazuki Yamato, a character in the manga "Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne"
* Yamato Delgado ("Daiwa" in the Japanese version), the main character in the "Battle B-Daman" anime and manga series
* Yamato Ishida ("Matt" in the English dub), a fictional character in the anime and manga series Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02
* Yamato, a fictional character in the manga and anime Naruto
* Yamato Akitsuki, a fictional character in manga/anime "Suzuka"
* Waki Yamato, a manga author
* Yamato Kotobuki, a fictional character in the anime/manga "Super Gals!"
* "Shiroi Senshi Yamato (Yamato, the White Fighter)", a manga by Yoshihiro Takahashi
* Yamato, a big battleship headed by Isoroku Yamamoto in the anime Zipang (the anime's depiction of the real battleship).
* Takeru Yamato is the real Eyeshield 21 in the " same called manga/anime".


*Yamato shrimp, an invertebrate frequently used in the planted freshwater aquarium, known for eating algae


Family name
name = Yamato

pronunciation = Yamato
meaning =
region = Japanese
origin = Japanese
related names =
footnotes = [ [http://www.census.gov/genealogy/names/names_files.html 1990 Census Name Files ] ]

*Yamato Gō, a former sumo wrestler from Hawaii
*Yūga Yamato, the current top star of Takarazuka Revue
*Yamato Manwa, a composer of koto music
*YAMATO, the ring name of Japanese professional wrestler Masato Onodera.
*Yamato, Ganeko, a singer of the band ORANGE RANGE [an article at the Asian pop wiki Wiki.ThePPN: [http://wiki.theppn.org/YAMATO YAMATO] ]

ee also

Yamato is usually written as "大和", but these two characters can also be read as "Daiwa" or "Taiwa."

Yamato may erroneously refer to:
* Daiwa, Hiroshima, a former town in Hiroshima Prefecture, which on 22 March 2005 merged with two other towns to form the city of Mihara, Japan
* Daiwa, Shimane, a former village in Shimane Prefecture, which on 1 October 2004 merged with Ochi, Shimane to form the town of Misato, Japan
* Taiwa, Miyagi, a town in Miyagi Prefecture
* Daiwa Bank, now a part of Resona Holdings, Inc., which was part of a bond scandal in 1995


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