*January 1 - Enrico Dandolo becomes Doge of Venice.
*August 15 - Philip II of France marries Ingeborg, daughter of Valdemar I of Denmark.
* Following the death of Saladin, and the lands of the Kurdish Ayyubid dynasty of Egypt and Syria are split among his descendants.
* Qutb-ud-Din, a Ghurid slave commander, captures Delhi.
* Muhammad Khilji, a general under the command of Qutb-ud-Din, sacks and burns Nalanda, India's greatest Buddhist university.
* Pope Celestine III calls for a crusade against pagans in Northern Europe.
* The Aztec civilization begins in Mexico.


*March - William de Ferrers, 5th Earl of Derby (d. 1254)
*Albertus Magnus, German philosopher and theologian (d. 1280)
*Altheides, Cypriot philosopher (d. 1262)
*Henri de Dreux, Archbishop of Reims (d. 1240)
*Frederick of Isenberg, German nobleman (d. 1226)
*Saint Juliana of Liège (d. 1252)
*Margaret of Scotland, Countess of Kent (d. 1259)


*September 23 - Robert de Sable, was 11th Grand Master of the Knights Templar from 1191 to 1193
*March 4 - Saladin, Sultan of the Kurdish Ayyubid dynasty of Egypt and Syria (b. c. 1138)
*June 27 - Robert FitzRalph, Bishop of Worcester
*December 23 - Saint Thorlak, patron saint of Iceland (b. 1133)
*Unknown Date - Balian of Ibelin - noble of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem (b. early 1140s)
*Bruno III of Berg - Archbishop of Cologne and Duke of Westphalia
*Burgundio of Pisa - Italian scholar
*Düsum Khyenpa - 1st Gyalwa Karmapa (b. 1110)
*Matthew of Ajello - Sicilian noble
*Minamoto no Noriyori - Japanese general (b. 1156)
*Emperor Renzong of Western Xia - 5th emperor of the Western Xia dynasty (b. 1124)
*Richard de Redvers - 4th Earl of Devon
*Roger III of Sicily (b. 1175)
*Sultan Shah of Khwarezm

Heads of state

* EnglandRichard I King of England (reigned 11891199)
* FrancePhilippe II, Auguste King of France (reigned 11801223)
* Byzantine EmpireIsaac II Angelus (reigned 1185 to 1195, and 12031204)
* PopeCelestine III (Pope 11911198)
* ChinaEmperor Guangzong of Song (reigned 1189-1194)

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