Meteoric water

Meteoric water

Meteoric water is a hydrologic term of long standing for water in the ground which originates from precipitation. This includes water from lakes, rivers, and icemelts, which all originate from precipitation indirectly.



Most groundwater is meteoric water. Other forms normally do not play a significant role in the hydrologic cycle. Non-meteoric forms of groundwater are connate water and magmatic water, also termed juvenile water. Connate water is trapped in rock stratum at the time of formation. Because rock containing connate water is typically formed from ocean sediments, connate water is normally saline. Magmatic water rises from great depth accompanying magma intrusion and affects mineralogy.


The word "meteoric" (as in the sense of direct atmospheric origin) is used here from the same root as meteorology. The term is from a Greek word which originally referred to astronomical discussions. However, after the publication of Aristotle's book Meteorology, which discussed what we today call earth sciences, the term was eventually used to describe any notable changes appearing in the sky (including meteors, originally thought to be weather phenomena).

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