* Otto IV, Holy Roman Emperor is excommunicated by Pope Innocent III for invading southern Italy.
* Gottfried von Strassburg writes his epic poem "Tristan" (approximate date).
* The Delhi Sultanate begins.
* Jochi, eldest son of Genghis Khan, leads a Mongol campaign against the Kyrgyz.
* Emperor Juntoku succeeds Emperor Tsuchimikado on the throne of Japan.
* Pope Innocent III gives oral permission to St. Francis to begin Friars Minors.
* St Helen's Bishopsgate in London is founded.


* May 5 - King Afonso III of Portugal (d. 1279)
* June 24 - Count Floris IV of Holland (d. 1234)
* July 22 - Joan of England, Queen consort of Scotland, wife of Alexander II of Scotland (d. 1238)
* Ibn Nafis, Persian anatomist (d. 1288)


* Lu You, Chinese poet (b. 1125)
* Jinul, Korean Buddhist philosopher
* July 17 - King Sverker II of Sweden (b. in the 1160s) (in the Battle of Gestilren)
* Qutb-ud-din Aibak, first Muslim ruler of Delhi

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