Later Liang

Later Liang

The Later Liang (zh-stp|s=后凉|t=後凉|p=Hòu Liáng; 386-403) was a state of the Sixteen Kingdoms during the Jin Dynasty (265-420) in China. It was founded by the family of the Di ethnicity.

All rulers of the Later Liang proclaimed themselves "Heavenly Prince" ("Tian Wang").

Rulers of the Later Liang

Temple namesPosthumous namesFamily names and given nameDurations of reignsEra names and their according durations
"Chinese convention: use family and given names"
Taizu (太祖 Tàizǔ)Yiwu (懿武 Yìwǔ)Lü Guang (呂光 Lǚ Guāng)386-400"Tai'an (太安 Tài'ān)" 386-389
"Linjia (麟嘉 Línjiā)" 389-396
"Longfei (龍飛 Lóngfēi)" 396-399
Did not existYin (隱 Yǐn)Lü Shao (呂紹 Lǚ Shào)400"Longfei (龍飛 Lóngfēi)" 399
Did not existLing (靈 Líng)Lü Zuan (呂纂 Lǚ Zuǎn)400-401"Xianning (咸寧 Xiánníng)" 400-401
Did not existShangshu Gong (尚書公 Shàngshū Gōng) or Jiankang Gong (建康公 Jiànkāng Gōng)Lü Long (呂隆 Lǚ Lóng)401-403"Shending (神鼎 Shéndǐng)" 401-403

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