* April 9 - Peter of Courtenay is crowned emperor of the Latin Empire of Constantinople at Rome, by Pope Honorius III.
* May 20 - First Barons' War: The royalists prevail at Lincoln.
* August 24 - First Barons' War: In the Battle of Sandwich between English and French soldiers in the English Channel, mercenary Eustace the Monk, working for the French side, is captured and beheaded.
* September 11 - The Treaty of Lambeth ends the First Barons' War.
* September 21 - Battle of St. Matthew's Day: The Germans defeat the Estonians.
* The Kingdom of Serbia is founded.
* The Fifth Crusade begins with a failed Christian attack on Egypt.
* Genghis Khan destroys Kara-Khitai.
* England decrees that only Englishman can be clergy of Ireland.
* Mukhali is back in Genghis Khan's camp in Mongolia and receives the hereditary title of prince, a golden seal, and a white standard with 9 tails and a black crescent in the middle. He is appointed commander in chief of operations in North China.


* John I, Duke of Brittany (d. 1286)
* Baldwin, Latin Emperor of Constantinople (d. 1273)
* Henry I of Cyprus
* Eleanor of Provence, Queen of Henry III of England (d. 1291)
* Hulagu Khan, Mongol ruler of Persia (d. 1265)
* Boniface of Savoy, Archbishop of Canterbury (d. 1270)


* April 23 - Inge II of Norway (b. 1185)
* April 25 - Hermann I, Landgrave of Thuringia
* August 24 - Eustace the Monk, French mercenary and pirate
* September 10 - William de Reviers, 5th Earl of Devon, English nobleman
* September 21 - Lembitu of Lehola, Estonian resistance leader and Caupo of Turaida, Livonian leader (at the Battle of St. Matthew's Day)
* October 14 - Isabel of Gloucester, wife of King John of England
* Maria Comnena, wife of Amalric I of Jerusalem
* Lovers Of Teruel - Juan Martinez (aka Diego Marcilla) & Isabel Segura

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