Four Great Books of Song

Four Great Books of Song

The "Four Great Books of Song" (zh-tp|t=宋四大書|p=Sòngsì Dàshū) was compiled by Li Fang and others during the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The term was coined after the last book Cefu Yuangui had finished in compilation during the 11th century. The four encyclopedias were published and intended to collect the whole knowledge of the new state, they included:

*"Imperial Readings of the Taiping Era" is a general encyclopedia.
*"Extensive Records of the Taiping Era" is a collection of gods, deities, fairies, ghosts stories and theology.
*"Finest Blossoms in the Garden of Literature" is an anthology of poetry, odes, songs and writings.
*"Prime Tortoise of the Record Bureau" is an encyclopedia of political essays, autobiography, memorialise and decrees.

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