Cartouche (disambiguation)

Cartouche (disambiguation)

Cartouche has more than one meaning:
* cartouche, an oblong Egyptian hieroglyphs enclosure
* "Cartouche" was the nickname of Louis Dominique Bourguignon, a criminal of the 18th century
* "Cartouche" (film), a 1962 French film about Louis Dominique Bourguignon
* "Cartouche", a song Blackmore's Night from their 2003 album "Ghost of a Rose"
* Cartouche (group), a Eurodance act whose biggest Dance hit from 1990 was "Feel The Groove"
* Cartouche box, a small box used to carry ammunition in the musketry period of warfare
* Cartouche (design), a scrolling frame device
* In engineering, a cartouche drawing means a Title Block. This refers to the square in the bottom right hand corner of a technical, engineering or architectural drawings containing the pertinent information on the plan, the draftsman, title, document version, etc.
* In firearms, a cartouche is an inspector's stamp, typically stamped into a wooden buttstock or a pistol grip.
* In heraldry, an oval-shaped shield, used to display the arms of women as an alternative to the lozenge. It is also often used for the arms of clergy who wish to avoid the military implications of the escutcheon.
* In computer programming, a block of text within a code page which contains metadata about the code, including author, description, and purpose.
* In cartography, a decorative emblem on a globe or map usually with information about the manufacturer of the globe or map.
* In cooking, a round of grease-proof paper that covers the surface of a stew to reduce evaporation or to keep components submerged.

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