Year 1439 was a common year starting on Thursday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

Events of 1439

* May 4 - Battle of Grotnik: The Hussite movement is defeated in Poland.
* June 29 - supposed date of Venerable Macarius' Miracle of the Moose, according to Russian hagiographers.
* September 8 - Cardinal Giovanni Vitelleschi captures Foligno, ending Trinci's signoria.
* November 12 - In England, Plymouth becomes the first town incorporated by the English Parliament.
* Eric of Pomerania, King of Sweden, Denmark and Norway is declared deposed in Sweden. Karl Knutsson Bonde continues to serve as Regent of Sweden.
* Logabirum is mentioned for the first time.
* The Great Ordinance is adopted by the French Estates-General. This measure grants the king the exclusive right to raise troops, and establishes the taxation measure known as the "taille" in support of a standing army.


* May 9 - Pope Pius III (d. 1503)
* July 26 - Sigismund of Bavaria (d. 1501)
* Hua Sui, Chinese inventor and printer (d. 1513)


* April 30 - Richard de Beauchamp, 13th Earl of Warwick, English military leader (b.1382)
* May 5 - Spytek z Melsztyna, Polish nobleman (in battle)(b. 1398)
* June 24 - Duke Frederick IV of Austria (b. 1382)
* October 20 - Ambrose the Camaldulian, Italian theologian
* October 27 - Albert II of Germany, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 1397)
*"date unknown" - Pietro Loredan, Italian nobleman and admiral

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