Free port

Free port

A free port (porto franco) or free zone (US: Foreign-Trade Zone) is a port or area with relaxed jurisdiction with respect to the country of location. Free economic zones may also be called free ports.

Most commonly a free port is a special customs area with favorable customs regulations (or no customs duties and controls for transshipment). Earlier in history some free ports like Hong Kong enjoyed political autonomy. Many international airports have free ports, though they tend to be called customs areas, customs zones, or international zones.

Free ports and Free Zones by country



*Port Said
*Suez Canal Container Terminal


*Tangier Exportation Free Zone


*Port Louis Free Port




=Hong Kong, China=

*Hong Kong







=Macao, China=

*Macao (Ka-Ho)


*Penang Until 1969




*The former United States Navy base of Subic Bay
*Zamboanga Economic Zone and Freeport
*Clark Air Base and Freeport



South Korea

*Gwangyang Bay


*Port of Keelung Free Trade Zone
*Port of Taipei Free Trade Zone
*Port of Taichung Free Trade Zone
*Port of Kaohsiung Free Trade Zone
*Taoyuan Air Cargo Park Free Trade Zone

[ Taiwan FTZs]



United Arab Emirates

*Fujairah Creative City
*Dubai Internet City
*Dubai Media City
*Dubai Studio City
*International Media and Production Zone
*Dubai Knowledge Village
*Dubai Healthcare City
*Dubai International Financial Center
*Dubai Outsource Zone
*Jebel Ali Free Zone
*RAK Media City
*RAK IT Park
*Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone



(part of the European Union)
*Linz "(port on river Danube)"
*Vienna "(port on river Danube)"


*Brest FEZ
*Grodno FEZ


*Rijeka, 1723


(part of the European Union)
*Freeport of Copenhagen ("Københavns Frihavn")


(part of the European Union)
*Free zone of Lappeenranta ("Lappeenrannan Vapaa-alue")
*Freeport of Hanko ("Hangon Vapaasatama")


(part of the European Union)
*Free Zone of Verdon - Port de Bordeaux ("Zone franche du Verdon — Port de Bordeaux")


(part of the European Union)
*Freeport of Hamburg ("Freihafen Hamburg")
*Freeport of Bremen ("Freihafen Bremen")
*Freeport of Bremerhaven ("Freihafen Bremerhaven")
*Freeport of Emden ("Freihafen Emden")
*Freeport of Kiel ("Freihafen Kiel")
*Freeport of Cuxhaven ("Freihafen Cuxhaven")
*Freeport of Deggendorf ("Freihafen Deggendorf")
*Freeport of Duisburg ("Freihafen Duisburg")


* Ajaria autonomous republic
**Batumi, 1878-1886 (then Russia)


(part of the European Union)
*Free zone of Piraeus
*Free zone of Thessaloniki
*Free zone of Heraclion


(part of the European Union)
*Ringaskiddy Free Port
*Shannon Free Zone

Isle of Man

*Ronaldsway Airport (Ballasala)


(part of the European Union)
*Livorno, 1675-1860
*Free Zone of Trieste ("Porto franco di Trieste")
*Free Zone of Venice ("Porto franco di Venezia")


(part of the European Union)
*Malta Freeport []


(part of the European Union)
*Free port of Riga
*Free port of Ventspils


(part of the European Union)
*Free Port of Klaipėda


(part of the European Union)
*Free Zone of Madeira - Caniçal ("Zona franca da Madeira - Caniçal")


*Vladivostok, 1861-1909


(part of the European Union)
*Free zone of Barcelona ("Zona franca de Barcelona")
*Free zone of Cádiz ("Zona franca de Cádiz")
*Free zone of Vigo ("Zona franca de Vigo")
*Free zone of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ("Zona franca de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria")
*(Ceuta and Melilla are not Free Ports or Free zones because they are parts of Spain, but not part of the European union for customs and excises)


(part of the European Union)
*Marstrand, 17th century
*Saint-Barthélemy, 1785-1878




*free port and free economic zone Odessa
** 1819-1858
** Trade sea port of Odessa, January 1, 2000 for 25 years

United Kingdom

(part of the European Union)
*Liverpool Free Zone
*Prestwick Airport Free Zone
*Southampton Free Zone
*Tilbury Free Zone
*Port of Sheerness Free Zone
*Humberside Free Zone
*London Docklands

=The Americas=


* Zona Franca La Plata


* Free port of Hamilton Harbour, Hamilton, Bermuda


*Zona Franca de Manaus



Dominican Republic

*Mega Port of Punta Caucedo


* Managua [ Zona Franca (Free Port)]




* [ Carrasco International Airport (Free Port)]
*Zona Franca de Montevideo
*Zona Franca Colonia


* [ US Commerce Department (International Trade Administration): List of U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones]


*Free port of Isla Margarita ("Puerto Libre de Margarita")
*Free zone of the Paraguaná Peninsula ("Zona Franca de la Península de Paraguaná")

ee also

* Duty free
* Entrepôt

External links

* [ a list of free ports in the European union] (.pdf-file; English)
* [ The German customs administration about freeports and free zones in Germany] (German)
* [ US Customs: About Foreign-Trade Zones & Contact Info]
* [ US Commerce Department (International Trade Administration): U.S. Foreign-Trade Zones Board]

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