Oldest Member

Oldest Member

The Oldest Member is a fictional character from the short stories and novels of P. G. Wodehouse. He narrates the majority of Wodehouse's golf stories from the terrace of a golf club whose location is unclear, and he never has a proper name.

While the club's members enjoy having drinks in the clubhouse after a brisk eighteen holes, they do so fully aware of the risk that the Oldest Member, who, though he has long since given up golf, has seen all and knows all, might pick up on their conversation and begin to relate a story from his experience. Once he has started talking, he cannot be stopped.

BBC Radio 4 aired an adaptation of some of the short stories and novels. Maurice Denham starred in three series between 1994 and 1999.


The Oldest Member narrates twenty-five short stories:

  • Nine of the ten stories in The Clicking of Cuthbert:
    • "The Clicking of Cuthbert"
    • "A Woman is Only a Woman"
    • "A Mixed Threesome"
    • "Sundered Hearts"
    • "The Salvation of George Mackintosh"
    • "Ordeal by Golf"
    • "The Long Hole"
    • "The Heel of Achilles"
    • "The Rough Stuff"
  • All nine stories in The Heart of a Goof:
    • "The Heart of a Goof"
    • "High Stakes"
    • "Keeping in with Vosper"
    • "Chester Forgets Himself"
    • "The Magic Plus Fours"
    • "The Awakening of Rollo Podmarsh"
    • "Rodney Fails to Qualify"
    • "Jane Gets off the Fairway"
    • "The Purification of Rodney Spelvin"
  • Five of the stories in Nothing Serious:
    • "Up From the Depths"
    • "Feet of Clay"
    • "Excelsior"
    • "Rodney Has a Relapse"
    • "Tangled Hearts"
  • A single story from A Few Quick Ones:
    • "Scratch Man"
  • A single story from Lord Emsworth and Others:
    • "There's always golf"


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