The Pilot (Seinfeld)

The Pilot (Seinfeld)

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Title = The Pilot, Part 1
Series = Seinfeld

Caption = The cast of the pilot for "Jerry".
Season = 4
Episode = 63-64
Airdate = May 20, 1993
Production =
Writer = Larry David
Director = Tom Cherones
Guests = Jeremy Piven
Mariska Hargitay
Larry Hankin
Peter Crombie
Teri Hatcher
Jane Leeves
Ping Wu
Lanei Chapman
Brian Doyle-Murray
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"The Pilot" is the two-part season finale episode from fourth season of "Seinfeld". It is the sixty-third and sixty-fourth episode and aired on May 20, 1993.

This two-part episode aired at an earlier time. 8:00 P.M, to make room for the two-hour finale of "Cheers", whose timeslot would be claimed by "Seinfeld" at the start of the new fall season. Approximately 32 million watched this episode (both parts) when it initially aired, and the show became a major ratings grab for its next five seasons.


The Pilot, Part 1

Jerry and George get the green light to produce "Jerry", the pilot for the series based on their "nothing" lives. Russell Dalrimple, the president at NBC behind the pilot, is obsessed with Elaine. George is obsessed with a potentially cancerous white spot on his lip and a box of raisins taken by an actor playing Kramer. The real Kramer has intestinal problems and, on his way to fix it, he gets delayed and is caused to "miss his chance." Jerry has an audition with the new "Elaine", a method actress interested in being Elaine in every way. The real Elaine has a problem with Monk's coffee shop, as they appear to be only hiring buxom waitresses, so she tries to get hired and files a report.

The Pilot, Part 2

Rehearsals for the pilot begin. NBC executive Russell Dalrymple's obsession with Elaine begins to affect his work. George asks the actor playing Kramer about the raisins. The real Kramer might be forced to work on his personal plumbing problem by using the "dreaded apparatus." Elaine gets an investigation started on the owner of the diner. George gets the results of the biopsy of his white spot. At the taping of the pilot, Elaine sneaks in disguised and "Crazy" Joe Davola jumps out of the audience and onto the set while yelling "Sic semper tyrannis". Elaine finds Morty Seinfeld's wallet in Jerry's couch. The actor on the pilot who plays George (Jeremy Piven) becomes convinced that he can't get the part right, but the more he panics, the more Jerry insists he is exactly like the neurotic George in real life. Everyone from the past season comments on the pilot as it's broadcast. When Russell disappears, he is replaced by second-in-command Rita Kierson; she decides to pass on the pilot. In the end, we see Russell has taken Elaine's advice and joined Greenpeace. And as for the New York four, everything returns to normal.

eries continuity

The sample lines used by the actors in the audition sequences are real "Seinfeld" lines, taken from such earlier episodes as "The Pony Remark", "The Deal", "The Note", and "The Boyfriend, Part 1".


*The wallet Elaine finds was the missing wallet from a previous episode of the season, The Wallet.

*If you watch closely, you can see that the guy who auditions for Kramer does steal the raisins.

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