Cuisine of the Republic of Macedonia

Cuisine of the Republic of Macedonia

Macedonian cuisine ( _mk. Македонска кујна, transliterated "Makedonska Kujna") is a representative of the cuisine of the Balkans, reflecting Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern influences and to a lesser extent Italian, Mediterranean and Hungarian ones. The relatively warm climate provides excellent growth conditions for a variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. Thus, Macedonian cuisine is particularly diverse.

Famous for its rich "Shopska" salad, required at every meal, Macedonian cuisine is also noted for the diversity and quality of its dairy products, wines, and local alcoholic beverages, such as rakija and mastika.

Traditional Macedonian foods

* Tavče-Gravče
* Turli Tava
* Ajvar, a bell pepper spread. Can be mild or hot.
* Kebap
* Moussaka
* Sarmi and Sarma so lozov list
* Polneti Piperki (stuffed capsicum (usually filled with rice or rice with meat))
* Shkembe Chorba
* Sopska salata
* Pita (pastry)
* Burek
* Lutenica, a hot pepper/vegetable spread
* Malidzano, an eggplant spread
* Pindjur, a spicy vegetable relish
* Kiselo Mleko and Jogurt
* Taratur, a yoghurt-based cold soup/dip
* Banitsa
* Popara
* Pastrmajlija
* Sirenje (white brined cheese)
* Sharplaninski ovchi Kashkaval (hard sheep's milk cheese from the Šar Mountains – "Šar Planina" in Macedonian)
* Shirden and Kukurek
* Kisela Zelka and Rasolnica (Juva)
* Mekici (also known as tiganici or pishii), fried lumps of dough
* Chorba od Kopriva (Creamy Nettle Soup)
* Kompir Mandza (a potato and meat stew)
* Pleskavica or burger( also Sharska and Ajducka )
* Kačamak (aka. Bakrdan)

Traditional Macedonian desserts

* Alva
* Baklava
* Kadaif
* Honey
* Tulumba
* Palačinki (Crêpe)

Traditional Macedonian drinks

* Macedonian wine
** Vranec
** Traminec
** Alexandria
** Smederevka
* Rakija
** Grape Rakija
** Plum Rakija
** Apricot Rakija
* Mastika
* Beer
**Krali Marko Prilepsko
**Zlaten dab
* Turkish coffee.
* Frappé coffee (Frappé), a very popular, cold Instant coffee.
* Boza
* Salep
* Yoghurt (Kefir)
* Mineral water
**Pella rosa

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