GEMSS mine system

GEMSS mine system

The GEMSS mine system (Ground Emplaced Mine Scattering System) was a US mine system, replaced in US service by the Volcano mine system. The mines are deployed from either the towed M128 "Frisbee Flinger" and the M138 "Flipper" portable mine layer.


The system consists of two mines, the M74 and M75, that are similar to the mines used in the GATOR mine system but without the "aeroballistic" casing. The M74 is an anti-personnel mine and the M75 is an anti-tank mine. There is also an M79 inert practice mine.

M128 towed minelayer

The M128 towed minelayer is fitted to a modified M794 trailer. The dispenser takes up to 20 minutes to reload and carries 800 mines, which it can dispense at 2 mines per second. Empty it weighs 4,773 kg, loaded it weighs 6,364 kg. It entered service 1986.

M138 flipper minelayer

The M138 is a portable mine dispenser, that entered service in 1991 and was designed to supplement the M128. It can be mounted on any vehicle in about 10 minutes. It can throw a mine 20 to 30 meters every 10 seconds. The complete unit weighs 55 kg.

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