Shalom Simhon

Shalom Simhon


Date of birth = Birth date and age|1956|12|7|df=y
Year of Aliyah =
Date of death =
Knesset(s) = 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th (current)
Party = Labour
Former parties = One Israel
Gov't roles = Minister of Agriculture &

Rural Development

Minister of the Environment

Shalom Simhon ( _he. שלום שמחון, born 7 December 1956) is an Israeli politician. He represents the Labour Party in the Knesset and is the current Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Israeli cabinet.

After completing his national service, Simhon studied for a BA in social work, and worked as a Social Worker. He lives in Even Menachem, a moshav in the western Galilee, and was secretary general of the Moshavim Movement. He has also chaired the Social Department of the Moshavim Movement, the Youth Department of the Moshavim Movement (for which he was also secretary) and was secretary general of the Agricultural Centre.

Simhon was first elected to the Knesset in the 1996 elections. He retained his seat in the 1999 elections, and was appointed Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in Ariel Sharon's national unity government as well as serving as chairman of the Finance Committee. He served in the cabinet again during the 16th Knesset after Labour joined the government, this time as Minister of the Environment. In 2006 there was an investigation into whether he had received personal favours from an airline company, though he denied the claim. [ [ Minister Simhon denies receiving personal favors from airline] Haaretz, 31 May 2006]

After retaining his seat in the 2006 elections he was reappointed Minister of Agriculture & Rural Development.


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