Maria Konopnicka Special Education School Complex (Pabianice, Poland)

Maria Konopnicka Special Education School Complex (Pabianice, Poland)

Maria Konopnicka Special Education School Complex in Pabianice, Poland is one of the oldest special education schools in Poland. Named after Maria Konopnicka the school was established around 1922 by teachers who were at once at the forefront of special education teaching in Poland. Many held degree from the National Special Education Institute (Państwowy Instytut Pedagogiki Specjalnej established in 1922 by Maria Grzegorzewska). In 1972 school was awarded the Polish National Education (Komisja Edukacji Narodowej) award for excellence in teaching and education. School organizes Special Olympics, participates in competitions and other extramural programs and integration programs. Currently there are vocational classes beyond the primary school.



  • 1922 On September 1 children with disabilities were admitted to the primary school on St. Rocha 17 street in Pabianice.
  • 1927 February 13 the initial class is converted to special education primary school.
  • 1939/1945 During German occupation school is occupied by German military and is used as school for German children.
  • 1945 In April, in still ruined building, the school is re-established.
  • 1971/1972 50 year anniversary.
  • 1972 National Education Award (medal Komisji Edukacji Narodowej) for excellence in teaching and special education.
  • 1998/1999 School organized the VIth County Sport Olympics (VI Dziecięca Wojewódzka Olimpiada Sportowa) which includes integration program.


Beginning in 1951 Scouting is established. In 1955 Scouts publish in leading youth magazine of that period in Poland - Świat Młodych.

Outstanding teachers

First school principal was Feliks Papieski. He was one of the early pioneers of special education in Poland.

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