"Stella" is the Latin and Italian word for star.


*Stella (U.S. coin), with a face value of four dollars ($4)

Stella is the female version of the male Greek name Stelios which probably originates from the Greek "stylos" or "styli" > style.


*Antonietta Stella, an Italian soprano
*Diego de Estella, a 16th century Spanish theologian and writer
*Frank Stella, an American minimalist painter
*Joseph Stella, an American futurist painter
*Martina Stella, an Italian actress
*Stella Voce, a southern California DJ and rock journalist
*Esther Johnson, English friend of Jonathan Swift, known as "Stella"
*Stella (Karen Scioli), a Philadelphia television horror movie hostess during the 1980s
*Stella Liebeck, who sued McDonald's after scalding herself with hot coffee
*Stella McCartney, British fashion designer and daughter of Beatles member Paul McCartney
*Stella Nickell, the "Excedrin murderer"
*Stella Obasanjo, First Lady of The Federal Republic of Nigeria
*Stella Tennant, a British supermodel
*Stella Reid, a British nanny known as Nanny Stella on the television show "Nanny 911"
*Stella Adler, a North American actress and acting teacher
*Stella Banyenza, The first lady to became an electronics and telecommunication engineer in Tanzania
*Stella Hudgens, an American actress.


*Stella, Italy, a town in Liguria
*Stella, South Africa, a town in the North West Province
*Stella-Plage, a seaside resort in northern France
*Stella de Marie, a seaside resort on the Red Sea in Ain El Sokhna, Egypt
*Stella, England, a village in the North East in Gateshead

In popular culture

*"Stella!", a memorable line from the film "A Streetcar Named Desire"
*Stella (comedy group), a comedy troupe consisting of Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black and David Wain
**Stella shorts, a series of short films by the Stella comedy troupe
**"Stella" (TV series), a half-hour comedy program by the Stella troupe that aired on Comedy Central
*Stella Bonnaro, a character from Cowboy Bebop
*Stella Loussier, a fictional character from Gundam Seed Destiny
*Stella (magazine), magazine supplement for the Sunday Telegraph
*Stella (Winx Club), a fictional character from the Winx Club animated series
*Stella by Starlight, a known Jazz standard


*Stella (1943 film), with Zully Moreno (Argentina)
*Stella (1950 film), with Ann Sheridan and Victor Mature
*Stella (1955 film), directed by Michael Cacoyannis
*Stella (1983 film), directed by Laurent Heynemann
*Stella (1990 film), starring Bette Midler
*Stella (2008 film), starring Seema Biswas


*Stella (album), by Swiss electronica band Yello
*Stella (band), a Finnish rock/pop band
*Stella (Dutch singer), a Dutch singer
*Stella (Singaporean singer), a Singaporean singer
*"Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down", song on Interpol's first album Turn On the Bright Lights


*" Stella" written by Jan de Hartog

Brands and products

*Stella (beer), an Egyptian beer
*Stella Artois, a Belgian beer
*Stella D'Oro, an American brand of cookies
*Stella (bicycles), a French bicycle manufacturer
*Stella (yacht), a class of yacht designed in the UK by C.R. (Kim) Holman in 1959
*Stella (guitar), a brand of a guitar
*Stella (cheese), an Italian brand of cheeses
*Stella (scooter), a vintage scooter brand introduced by the Chicago-based Genuine Scooter Company
*STELLA (language courses), online language courses
*Subaru Stella


*Stella (emulator), multiplatform Atari 2600 game-console emulator.
*Stella (software), polyhedra modeling software
*A time-driven programming environment
*The graphics chip of the Atari 2600, named after the CEO's bicycle
*The IBM Blue Gene-L supercomputer used with the LOFAR radio telescope project


*Stella, a gene expressed by primordial germ cells
*Stella Awards, given to people who file ridiculous lawsuits for huge financial gain
*Stella, the ideal woman in the poetry of Henrik Wergeland, Norwegian poet.
*Subaru Stella, a car produced by Subaru

ee also

*Stela, singular "stele", a stone or wooden slab erected for funerary or commemorative purposes

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