Japanese destroyer Hatsukaze

Japanese destroyer Hatsukaze

"Hatsukaze" from Palau to support the Southern Philippine invasion forces at Davao, Menado, Kendari and Ambon through the months of December and January. from Truk to Kure, then engaged in training in the Inland Sea, and then escorted "Zuikaku" from Truk to the Shortland Islands in January 1943.

On 10 January, while providing cover for a supply-drum transport run to Guadalcanal, "Hatsukaze" assisted in sinking the American PT boats "PT-43" and "PT-112." She suffered heavy damage when struck by a torpedo (possibly launched by "PT-112)" in the port side; her best speed was 18 knots as she withdrew to Truk, for emergency repairs. Then she sailed to Kure in April for more extensive repairs. In September, "Hatsukaze" and Desron 10 escorted the super-battleship were sunk (at coord|06|01|S|153|58|E |display=title,inline) by Allied destroyer gunfire. Of those on-board, 164 including its commanding officer were killed.

Commanding Officers

* Chief Equipping Officer, Cmdr. Kameshirou Takahashi: 15 November 1939 – 15 February 1940
* Cmdr. Kameshirou Takahashi: 15 February 1940 – 28 December 1942
* Cmdr. Yasumasa Watanabe: 28 December 1942 – 1 July 1943
* Cmdr. Buichi Ashida: 1 July 1943 – 2 November 1943 (KIA)

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