Shear flow

Shear flow

Shear flow is:-: in a solid body, the gradient of a shear stress force through the body; : in a fluid, it is the flow "induced" by such a force gradient - see Viscosity for a fuller treatment.


In solid mechanics, shear flow is given in dimensions of force per length. This corresponds to units of newtons per meter in the SI system and pound-force per foot in the English Engineering and British Gravitational systems.

hear flow in semi-monocoque structures

The equation for shear flow in a particular web section of the cross-section of a semi-monocoque structure is:

: q = frac{V_y Q_x}{I_x}

where:"q" - the shear flow through a particular web section of the cross-section:"V""y" - the shear force perpendicular to the neutral axis "x" through the entire cross-section:"Q""x" - the first moment of area about the neutral axis "x" for a particular web section of the cross-section:"I""x" - the second moment of area about the neutral axis "x" for the entire cross-section


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