Benji McHugh

Benji McHugh

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name= Benji McHugh
portrayer=Junior Laniyan, Mark McClean
years=19982001, 2002-2003
born= 1983
death= --
status= Single
family= Dusty, William, Yasmin

Benjamin (Benji) McHugh was a fictional character in UK soap opera "Family Affairs". He first appeared in November 1998 played by Junior Laniyan until 2001. Mark McClean then took over the role from 2002 until 2003.

About Benji

Benji was a schoolboy overshadowed by his loud mother, Dusty and sister, Yasmin. They lived above Dusty's store, the local newsagent on Stanley Street, Charnham.

In 1999, Benji fell in love with his school teacher Maggie Roswell (Robyn Moore), who was married with two young sons. She left her husband, Geoff, taking her sons and running away with Benji.

After a while on the run, Maggie encouraged Benji to give up and return to Charnham.

While being chased by authorities, Maggie's car crashed, leaving her and the boys trapped inside.

Benji managed to save the boys from the wreck but before he could return for her the car exploded killing Maggie. Geoff initially blamed Benji for Maggie's death and left Charnham with the boys. To get over everything, Benji went in holiday to Jamaica, where Dusty had moved to and return to Charnham refreshed. Benji and Yasmin's aunt, Pearl took over the running of the shop and looking out for Dusty's children.

In late 1999, Benji began dating Donna Lewis (Petra Letang) but things never quite worked out. Several months later in early 2000, Benji began dating the newly-arrived Sara Warrington but Sara eventually went on to date Benji's friend, Arlo Dean.

In the Summer of 2000, while revising for his exams and getting drunk, Benji revealed his true feelings for neighbour Gemma Craig, who had previously dated Arlo.

Later that year, Benji received a shock when he came face to face with his estranged father, William, who had walked out on him and Yasmin when they were very young. While Yasmin was keen to get to know William, Benji initially refused until William's girlfriend, Kim revealed that William was suffering from end-stage renal disease. Benji and William later maintained a relationship and kept in contact.

In January 2001, Benji suffered bullying in sixth form at the hands of Jason Harris, a racist bully. One night while coming home from a date with Gemma, Benji was attacked by Jason, who was wielding an Iron bar. Declan Byrne, a local resident managed to defuse the situation.

With the arrival of Paul Webb, things between Benji and Gemma became strained and Gemma eventually began going out with Paul.

In June 2001, Benji left Charnham for Jamaica to begin DJing there

Several months after Dusty's death in 2002, Benji returned and had several relationships which included Chris Jacobs and Becky Scott.

In late 2003, Benji began dating Kelly Boulter, but things fell apart when Kelly admitted that Justin MacKenzie was the father of her baby (Kelly had originally been carrying twinsbut one of the babies had died). Benji then left Charnham for good.


*Father: William McHugh
*Mother: Dusty McHugh (deceased)
*Sister: Yasmin Green
*Niece: Savannah Matthews (deceased)
*Aunt: Pearl McHugh

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