Roma may refer to:

Ethnic group

* Roma people (also known as Gypsies)
* Romani language, the spoken language of the Roma people
* Romani religion, the religion of the Roma people


* "Roma" (2004 film), Argentinian film directed by Adolfo Aristarain
* "Roma" (1972 film), Italian film directed by Federico Fellini


* Roma (album), 1991 album by Terry Ronald
* Roma (opera), an opera by Jules Massenet
* Roma (symphony), unfinished symphony by Georges Bizet

cience and technology

* ROMA, Representational Oligonucleotide Microarray Analysis, a genomics technology
* 472 Roma, an asteroid


* Rome, the capital of Italy, its name in Latin, Italian and several other languages
* Ancient Rome, the capital of the ancient Roman Empire
* Roma, Queensland, a town in Australia
* Roma, Ecuador, a town in Ecuador
* Roma, Botoşani, a town in Romania
* Roma, Sweden, a town in Sweden
* Roma, Texas, a town in the United States
* Roma, Lesotho, a town where the National University of Lesotho is situated
* Colonia Roma, a neighbourhood in Mexico City
* Roma (island), an island in Maluku, Indonesia


* Antonio Roma (born 1932), Argentine footballer
* Nani Roma (born 1972), Spanish rally car driver
* Pedro Roma (born 1970), Portuguese footballer
* Paul Roma (Paul Centopani) (born 1959), professional wrestler
* Sister Roma
* Roma (actress), a South Indian film actress
* Roma Maffia, American actress
* Juliano Laurentino dos Santos, Brazilian footballer


* A.S. Roma, an Italian football team
* Virtus Roma, Basketball team
* Roma Esporte Apucarana, a Brazilian football team


* Roma rice, an Italian cultivated variety of rice particularly suitable for risotto
* Roma tomato, a plum tomato commonly found in supermarkets
* Tony Roma's, chain restaurant


* Roma (mythology), Roman deity
* Roma (name), a female given name
* Roma (comics), a Marvel comics character
* Italian battleship Roma, three ships of that name
* Roma (airship), a US army airship (Italian ex-T34) which crashed on February 21, 1922

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