Earl of Perth

Earl of Perth
Coat of arms of the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Perth, Chief of Clan Drummond

The title Earl of Perth was created in the Peerage of Scotland in 1605 for James Drummond, 4th Lord Drummond.

The Drummond family claim descent from Maurice, son of George, a younger son of King Andrew I of Hungary. Maurice arrived in Scotland on the ship which brought Edgar Atheling, the Saxon claimant to the crown of England after the Norman Conquest, and his sister Margaret, to Scotland in 1068. Maurice was given lands in Lennox (Dumbartonshire), together with the hereditary stewardship of the county. His successor John Drummond, the 7th Steward, was deprived of the lands and retired into Perthshire.[1]

John Drummond, Justiciar of Scotia was created a Lord of Parliament in 1487/8 by King James III of Scotland. His direct descendant, James, Lord Drummond, Ambassador to Spain, was created Earl of Perth in 1605.

James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth was "attainted" for supporting the Jacobites during the rising of 1715. He had been created Duke of Perth, Marquess of Drummond, Earl of Stobhall, Viscount Cargill, and Baron Concraig in 1701 by the exiled Jacobite claimant to the British thrones, recognised by adherents of the Royal Stuarts as King James III and VIII. This creation, in the Jacobite Peerage, was never recognised by the de facto British government. He and his successors nonetheless continued to claim the Earldom together with the Dukedom. Upon the death of the sixth Duke in 1760, he was succeeded by a second cousin, descended from the younger brother of the 4th Earl and 1st Jacobite Duke, John Drummond, first Earl and Jacobite Duke of Melfort, by his first wife. He, in turn, was succeeded by his third but only surviving son, as the 8th (Jacobite) Duke and 11th de jure Earl, who obtained in 1783 the restoration of the estates, forfeited as a result of the Jacobite rising of 1745. He did not succeed, however, in removing the attainder of 1716, but was created by George III of the Hanoverian dynasty, in 1797, Lord Perth, Baron Drummond of Stobhall, in the Peerage of Great Britain, which title became extinct on his death in 1800. He was succeeded, as 9th Jacobite Duke of Perth by his cousin, James Lewis Drummond, fourth Duke of Melfort, another holder of a Jacobite Dukedom. The 10th Duke, who also held the Melfort titles, was a prelate of Roman Catholic Church, known as the Abbé de Melfort. Upon his death in 1840, he was succeeded in his peerage titles by his nephew, George Drummond, who had embraced the Protestant faith.

In 1853, the sixth Duke of Melfort, George Drummond, was by Act of Parliament deemed the 5th Earl of Perth, and the previous attainder was reversed. Drummond also dropped the use of the dukedom of Melfort, although he had been recognised in French law courts as the duc de Melfort, comte de Lussan and baron de Valrose. At his death in 1902, several titles held by him, such as the Earldom of Melfort, became dormant because no-one could prove a claim to the title. The Earldom of Perth, however, as well as the titular Jacobite Dukedom, passed to William Huntly Drummond, 11th Viscount Strathallan (his 7th cousin twice removed, i.e. great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of the 2nd Lord Drummond). Because some writers do not count the de jure holders of the Earldom in the numbering, the 14th Earl is sometimes referred to as the 5th Earl, and so on. The present Earl of Perth considers himself the 18th holder of the title.

The subsidiary titles held by the Earl of Perth are: Viscount Strathallan (created 1686), Lord Drummond of Cargill (1488), Lord Drummond of Stobhall (1605), Lord Maderty (1609) and Lord Drummond of Cromlix (1686). The title Viscount Strathallan is the courtesy title of the Earl's eldest son and heir. All titles are in the Peerage of Scotland.

The Earl of Perth is the hereditary Clan Chief of Clan Drummond.

The family seat remains at Stobhall, near Perth, Scotland.

See genealogy of Drummond's


Lords Drummond of Cargill (1488)

  • John Drummond, 1st Lord Drummond (1438–1519)
  • David Drummond, 2nd Lord Drummond (c. 1515–1571)
  • Patrick Drummond, 3rd Lord Drummond (1550–1600)
  • James Drummond, 4th Lord Drummond (d. 1611) (became Earl of Perth in 1605)

Earls of Perth, Lords Drummond of Stobhall (1605)

Jacobite Dukes of Perth and claimants to the Earldom of Perth (1716–1853)

  • James Drummond, 1st Duke of Perth (c. 1649–1716) 4th Earl of Perth, created Duke of Perth in the Jacobite Peerage in 1701, non-Jacobite titles forfeited by attainder 1716
  • James Drummond, 2nd Duke of Perth (d. 1720), 1st Duke's elder son
  • James Drummond, 3rd Duke of Perth (d. 1746), 2nd Duke's elder son
  • John Drummond, 4th Duke of Perth (d. 1747), 2nd Duke's 2nd son
  • John Drummond, 5th Duke of Perth (d. 1757), 1st Duke's 2nd son
  • Edward Drummond, 6th Duke of Perth (d. 1760), 1st Duke's 3rd son
  • James Lundin, after 1760, Drummond, 7th Duke of Perth (1707–1781), 1st Duke's grand-nephew by elder nephew
  • James Drummond (formerly Lundin), 8th Duke of Perth (1744–1800), his son, Lord Perth, Baron Drummond of Stobhall
  • James Louis Drummond, 4th Earl and Duke of Melfort and 9th Duke of Perth (1750–1800), 1st Duke's great-grand-nephew by younger nephew.
  • Charles Edouard Drummond, 5th Earl and Duke of Melfort and 10th Duke of Perth (1752–1840), "Abbé de Melfort", his brother
  • George Drummond, 6th Earl and Duke of Melfort and 11th Duke of Perth (1807–1902), his nephew, recognised by the Committee of Privilege of the House of Lords as the "5th Earl of Perth" in 1853, being the titular 14th Earl in the Jacobite peerage.

Lord Perth, Baron Drummond of Stobhall (1797)

  • James Drummond (formerly Lundin) (1744–1800)

Earls of Perth (1605, restored 1853)

  • George Drummond, 5th Earl of Perth, Lord Drummond of Stobhall, Lord Drummond of Cargill (1807–1902) (restored 1853)
  • William Huntly Drummond, 11th Viscount of Strathallan and 6th Earl of Perth (1871–1937), titular (Jacobite) 12th Duke of Perth
    • He is a descendant of David Drummond, 2nd Lord Drummond's younger son, James Drummond, 1st Lord Madderty, see Viscount Strathallan.
  • James Eric Drummond, 7th Earl of Perth (1876–1951), titular (Jacobite) 13th Duke of Perth, 12th Viscount of Strathallan
  • John David Drummond, 8th Earl of Perth (1907–2002), titular (Jacobite) 14th Duke of Perth, 13th Viscount of Strathallan
  • John Eric Drummond, 9th Earl of Perth (b. 1935), titular (Jacobite) 15th Duke of Perth, 14th Viscount of Strathallan

The heir apparent is James David Drummond, Viscount of Strathallan (b. 1965)

The current Earl

John Eric Drummond, 9th Earl of Perth is according to

Official Succession Jacobite Succession
Perth Heritage Strahallan Heritage Perth Heritage Strahallan Heritage
15th Duke of Perth *
15th Marquess of Drummond *
9th Earl of Perth ° 18th Earl of Perth
15th Earl of Stobhall *
15th Viscount Cargill *
12th Viscount of Strathallan ° 14th Viscount of Strathallan
15th Baron Concraig *
12th Lord Drummond of Cargill ° 21th Lord Drummond of Cargill
14th Lord Maderty ° 16th Lord Maderty
12th Lord Drummond of Cromlix ° 14th Lord Drummond of Cromlix
9th Lord Drummond of Stobhall 18th Lord Drummond of Stobhall

Formerly attainted title due to Jacobitism = °
Jacobite title = *


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